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Location and time are no problem once you request it. Don’t hide behind excuses saying “I don’t have time to exercise”, start keeping in shape as soon as possible.


Talking on the phone…

You can play sports while having long phone conversations with your friends. Here is a simple gesture for you; Standing, holding the phone with your right hand, grab your left ankle with your left hand and stretch backwards.

On the computer…

Sitting in front of the computer for hours and being locked in the screen can cause back and neck pain. So be sure to shift your waist and body to the right and left from time to time. You can also use your other hand with dumbbells while one hand controls the mouse on the computer.


Week ends…

By taking just 5 minutes a day, you can jump rope, allowing you to work both your leg and arm muscles.

Listening to music…

By dancing to the accompaniment of moving parts, you will also burn a lot of calories!

lowerWhile watching TV…
Watching TV at night,
How about doing some moves on the couch you’re lying on?
Here is one of the things they can do; Lie sideways on the chair,
raise and lower the leg. You can also lie on your back and do the cycling movement. Instead of sitting lazy and flipping, you can dance while listening to music. Thus, your whole body will move and your brain will rest!