The most fun of sports!

Cancel all your plans for this weekend! Take it with you, to the right sport… These alternative sports are so much fun!

aid climbing to the summit

You can unleash your adrenaline rush by climbing artificial walls that make you feel like you are climbing a mountain! The goal is to overcome dips and protrusions using balance and flexibility and reach the top.

The key to good climbing is being able to think and practice several things at the same time. Balance, flexibility, strength and planning for the next step are very important. At the beginning of the lesson, you get to know the materials you will use and how to use them. There are a total of 4 points where you are in contact with the wall, two hands and two feet. On the ascent and descent, you move one point at a time and snap to the other three points. In order to hold yourself more easily, you apply stepping techniques such as “press in”, “nose”, “sole press” and “heel grip”. In this sport, there are two types of climbing depending on the height of the wall: wall climbing 3 to 5 meters long “short climbing” or “bouldering”; Climbing from 5 to 25 meters is known as “sport climbing”.

Necessary material
You should have specially designed climbing shoes that are light, flexible and non-slip. For total control on the wall, you can choose your shoes one size smaller than your actual size!