You and the good perfume

You’ve done your makeup, you’re ready to go out soon. It’s time for the last step, to use your perfume. Well, do you know if you are using the most suitable perfume for your skin? Here are the tactics for choosing and using scents…

* When choosing a perfume, the smells get mixed up and you don’t understand what it is. For this, some coffee beans that you can take with you will be very useful. Smell these beans after each trial; You will notice that you perceive each other’s scent better.

*Remember to base your skin color when choosing a perfume. Generally, brunettes look spicy, blondes sweet, auburns floral and redheads fruity.

* Spray your perfume on areas with intense blood circulation, such as behind the ears and the inside of the wrists.

* If you don’t want your perfume to smell too strong, try spraying it from the air without touching your body head-to-head.

* If you want the scent to spread widely while you hang out, you should also spray your perfume on your hair.

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