There’s a model in the kitchen!

lowerThis time the model group members met in the kitchen and prepared an amazing milkshake for you!

lowerThe model group says!

Would you like to learn the cooking secrets of the famous music group?

Do you cook together?

More: We had a barbecue together yesterday 🙂

Who among you cooks the best?

More: As a woman, of course, Fatma is more resourceful!

Fatima: Aşkın and Okan cook good food, but I think Can is the most incompetent. He can’t do anything 🙂

Have you ever ordered food from outside?

Bell: Yeah, but lately we’re all trying to say eat light meals as much as possible because we’re all watching our weight. For a while we were eating fast food all the time and noticed we were gaining weight day by day so we decided to go on a diet 🙂

What are your favorite dishes?

More: I am definitely addicted to green beans! I love moussaka. In fact, in short, dishes with lots of onions and garlic are my favorite 🙂

Bell: Rice!

OK : I love eggplants. Karnıyarık and moussaka are essential when there is ground beef in it!

Fatima: As I love vegetable dishes, I frankly do not distinguish many dishes. But I think artichoke is in my favorite food category 🙂

You made us a delicious strawberry milkshake. So what do you like the most?

More: What a lie, I love strawberry milkshake 🙂

OK : I could never like the milkshake 🙂

Bell: Strawberry!

Fatima: Cocoa is my favorite!