perfect hair all the time

You don’t have to use expensive shampoos, pocket-scorching skincare products, or knock on the door of beauticians for hair that always shines bright. Become the expert of your hair, show it yourself the necessary importance…

Get ready for voluminous, full hair that’s healthy enough to rock the stars of commercials! With a few conscious and determined actions, you can show your hair the importance it needs and command attention like a commercial star. Here are 15 golden rules for it

  • Remember to frequently clean your brushes with soap and warm water to increase the effectiveness of shampooing and general hair cleaning. You can even brush your hair before washing to remove dirt and dust. Thus, the shampoo you use will be more effective.
  • If you use conditioner after shampooing, it is very important to apply the conditioner only to the ends of the hair without touching the scalp.
  • The acid level of the scalp is higher than that of our skin. If you don’t want the strands to dry out, be sure not to wash your hair with soap.