You decide your skin type!

With these tips, you can understand what type of skin you have.

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Normal: It’s skin with closed pores, blemish-free and problem-free. It retains its natural character with normal care.

Mixed: The parts of the forehead, nose and chin called “T-Zone” are oily. Black spots, open pores can be found in these parts. Cheek pores are closed and dry.

Dry: It is a skin type with thin upper skin, small pores and closed skin. Its appearance is opaque because oil secretion is low; There may be peeling in various parts of the face.

Oily: Its appearance is shiny and oily, with open pores. The inside of the pores is often full, contains blackheads and may be uneven. Since acne is a problem, it is a skin structure that requires extra care.