Refresh yourself

When we talk about harmful rays from the sun, pollen dust, wind, nature is undergoing a change and of course we have to adapt to it. How would you like to renew yourself?

silk running


• On dry skin, desquamations and redness may appear on the skin due to the increase in temperature and more intense sun rays. You can help your skin maintain its moisture by applying a mask once a week.
• If you use cleansing milks and lotions instead of gel, you can ensure that your skin is cleansed without becoming rough. It would be better to choose cosmetics containing vitamins.
• If your skin is oily, redness, itching, blocked pores and acne may appear. You can use masks containing clay twice a week. If you use a gel-based product to cleanse your face, you can replace it with a cream format product.
• If there is acne on the face, pimples that turn red may increase. In order to avoid the enlargement of pores and the proliferation of blackheads, you must cleanse your skin very well. If you cannot treat blackheads alone, you can visit a dermatologist and get a skin cleanse.
• Don’t forget your hands and feet. You should pay more attention to hydrating your settings, especially those transitioning to ballet flats.
revitalizing mask
• 1 handful of oats
• 1 tablespoon of honey
• 1 tablespoon of orange juice
• 5 drops of black cumin oil

Mix all the ingredients and make a paste. First, give your face a 3-minute steam bath. Then apply the mixture you have prepared on your face and leave it on for 10 minutes. Wash in cold water.