Which Chloe Ting challenge should you do? (2 weeks shredding vs. summer shredding)

If you’ve never heard of Chloe Ting, then you probably live in a cave. Or maybe you’re just not into health and fitness. Maybe you haven’t tried losing weight during quarantine because if you had, his name would have popped up everywhere you searched for fitness and health related content.

But to be clear, Chloe Ting is a young and beautiful fitness instructor/youtuber in her early thirties. She is from Brunei and has over thirteen million subscribers on her YouTube channel where she creates health and fitness content including workout videos, fitness tips and food recipes healthy.

I personally discovered Chloe ting about a year ago, July 2019 to be precise. I was looking for exercises to get a smaller waistline, and the first video YouTube recommended to me was her”GET ABS IN 2 WEEKS VIDEO”.

At that time he barely had a million views, but I could tell that was a big deal because I saw many results videos of other people (mostly girls) who had tried his workouts. training and had seen incredible results. I joined his family of subscribers (we were about two million at the time) and have been watching his content ever since.

Chloe Ting was already hugely popular when I first discovered her, but her fame took a big leap during quarantine when her amazing abs workout video, which was part of her “two week shredding” program. “, exploded even more. To date, Chloe Ting has amassed over a hundred million views on this video alone, and is making even more waves with her other free workout routines and delicious recipes that she regularly posts.

One of the things that I love – and I’m sure a lot of people love about Chloe too – is that all of her workout routines are not only very effective, but also FREE!!!!

Thousands and maybe even millions of people have shared their challenge results videos on YouTube, and since posting more than ten free workout routines, her audience keeps growing.

Along with this, other questions about the best training program also arise. That brings me to why I wrote this article in the first place: I’m here to help you decide which of his two most popular workout routines you should do: the two-week shredder or his challenge. 4 week summer shredder she released a few months ago. from.


Before I begin, I would like to mention that everyone is different. What works for you may not work for another person. Some people have seen dramatic results doing her summer shred, while others prefer her 2 week shred.

As someone who has tried both programs, I will say that both programs are effective and which one you should do will depend on your goals, fitness level, and generally which one you enjoy the most.


This program lasts 14 days and consists of four episodes:

Ep1: Full body shredding

Ep1: Get abs in 2 weeks

Ep3: Tight core and arm workout

Ep4: Lower body burn

She has combined them differently and effectively for each day and the program has two rest days which are day 5 and day 9.


This program is 99% effective. You will definitely see results if you complete this challenge as long as you do it right (proper form), drink plenty of water, and eat a little healthier.

I suggest not following any strict diet during this challenge as you will need all the energy you can get (Chloe also said this herself).

The inconvenients

This program is very intense and literally “shreds” your body, as she put it.

I don’t think it’s very beginner friendly and some of the exercises aren’t very basic. It takes some time to get used to, so it can be easy to lose motivation when you don’t do the exercises correctly. However, it’s only for 14 days, so it’s much easier to just complete the program.


As the name suggests, it lasts 28 days and consists of 6 episodes/videos with an optional warm-up routine video and post-workout stretching video. She also included other workout videos on certain days and put several days off from the two weeks because the duration of the program is longer. Episodes include:

Ep1: 12 minute full body workout

Ep2: 500 reps shredded abs

Ep3: HIIT workout without jumps

Ep4: Lower abdominal burning

Ep5: Upper body and arms

Ep6: Intense Full Body HIIT Workout


Every workout has a low impact version, and most of the exercises aren’t really complex, so it’s not very hard on your joints, especially if you’re new to the workout.

Most workouts don’t require as much space as most people (including me!) are grateful.

It’s also not as intense as the two-week shred, so it’s definitely beginner-friendly.

The inconvenients

The exercises get very repetitive and boring over time, and since it’s twice as long as the two weeks, the motivation is something you’ll definitely miss.

The exercises also get easier at a faster pace, preventing the feeling of soreness and sweating, which for most people, especially me, is proof that they’ve had a good workout, so no sweat or pain. From there, I no longer get the satisfaction.

There are also far too many rest days. (for reference, there is a rest day every 3 or 2 days)

In summary

If you’re looking for an intense, fast-paced workout program that will help you reach your fitness goals in no time, I recommend you do the 2 weeks of shredding.

If you are looking for a longer commitment or a training program very suitable for beginners, then the 4 week shredding program is for you.

You can get both programs and more on her website, plus amazing recipes on her YouTube channel @Chloe Ting.

I want to mention that these are just my views and opinions. Some people may have something different to say because everyone is different. Others may see results faster no matter what program they use, while others may not or may take longer. Be consistent, eat healthy, and drink tons of water.

Don’t forget to remember that you look beautiful and enjoy the workouts!