You don’t need to be a magician to wear makeup!

You don’t have to worry about boring formulas and memorization! Applying makeup is actually very easy if you know the tricks. Here are the tactics you can create wonders in a short time when you are going to meet your friends, on the first date with your lover…

Before you start makeup

* If you apply makeup on clean, hydrated skin, you will achieve a better look. But you should do the cleansing and moisturizing processes at least an hour before makeup. In particular, you should not use your moisturizer just before makeup. Because the skin can absorb the paint with the cream, it can create a patchy appearance, especially when applying blush.

* Give your hair a definitive shape before applying makeup. This way, styling agents like spray and jelly don’t interfere with her makeup.

* Determine what you will wear ahead of time so you can plan what colors and style of makeup you will use for makeup.

* When choosing a foundation, you must carefully determine your skin color. The most suitable light for this is daylight. Fluorescent lamps illuminating the cosmetic centers make the skin look paler than it is.