fun of the week

lowerYour friends will no longer be able to “google” you. What?

You know, there are some of our friends that we don’t know in our laziness… They annoy you with their questions by calling you instead of finding the answer they seek by pressing a few buttons on the internet. Now there is a very funny application that will help you eliminate their “cook the pear, get off” method with “humorous” language.
They have created a site called letmegooglethatforyou,how beautiful,how beautiful.. All you have to do to avoid the “various” questions that your friends ask you is to enter this address and send them the link.

For instance; “Where is Bayblon? he asks you.

You go to and type in Bayblon and press the “search” button. You send him the same link. Your friend not only gets their question answered, but also learns what to do next time. Isn’t that both fun and educational 🙂