Taking great photos is now much more enjoyable and easier!

lower The Sony Ericsson C930 makes it easy for you with its smile detection and facial recognition features.

Sony Ericsson has added a new model to its Cyber-shot series specializing in imaging: the C903. The features of the phone, which has a 16x digital zoom and a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, are not limited to counting. For example, thanks to the facial recognition function, it doesn’t matter where your face is in the photo you take. Whether left, right or in the middle, the camera automatically detects the face and focuses on it. Moreover, thanks to its smile detection function, it also captures the smile of the person you are photographing. So you just have to press the “pull” button. When you want to take a photo, you don’t need to enter the menu, as soon as you open the lens protection cover, the phone is ready to take a photo.

You can view and “blog” the photos you take on the phone’s 2.4-inch screen, or watch them on TV using the TV out feature. It’s not over, there’s more. With the aGPS function, you can never forget where you are or where you took your photo. You can use this feature to tag the location information of your photos or to easily find your way to where you want to go.

You can also connect to the Internet, listen to stereo music and FM radio with the C903.