Fun of the week!

lowerAre you ready to be a virtual model and appear on the runway?

HP has designed a fun site to promote its new “Vivienne Full Edition” laptop model. When you enter the website named “Vivienne Tam Virtual Podium”, designed by fashion designer Vivienne Tam and designed especially for HP’s new model targeting female users, you will be greeted with clothes to use in a fashion show and of a fashion show. You choose five of the outfits you like, then upload the photo you think is the hottest from your computer. After uploading the photo, you can also delete the parts you don’t want.

Then your face is mounted on the face of the model who will be parading on the runway. Finally, a musical presentation is made on the virtual podium with the chosen clothes and face. Result: You satisfy your curiosity to some extent, “I wonder how I would stand on the catwalk if I were a model.” For those who want to see themselves on the podium again and again or show off in front of their friends, a copy is sent to their e-mail address. Come on, what are you waiting for, go to the site now and walk and see your figure 🙂