What more could you ask for now! Have you heard of smart toilets?


There are days when we will leave the toilet without using our hands and without getting dirty, long live the life of luxury!

The question of toilets is a sensitive subject, we know that. We don’t like to talk about this topic, as you know it doesn’t have very entertaining content 🙂 But we couldn’t resist sharing this news with you. The Dobidos company has designed a smart toilet. Don’t say, “Would the toilet be smart, honey,” it happens.

Toilets with LCD screen and remote control aim to completely eliminate the use of hands and maximize hygiene. What? Let’s explain right away: Thanks to the remote control, the toilet lid opens automatically and you sit on your warm seat. After you finish your work, you adjust the water temperature to the desired setting with the remote control, then select the warm/cool air drying option with 5 levels, and you complete the event, now you can get up. Siphoning, deodorizing and closing the toilet seat are also done automatically. Then all you have to do is step out of the toilet singing the song of luxury living.

luxury life luxury life
watch, have fun and go to bed
what a beautiful thing
oh how comfortable
You don’t have a wife, luxury life 🙂