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Internet cafes, which provide extensive service throughout the country, are of great importance to Turkey with their functions and the added value they bring to the economy. Internet cafes play a vital role, especially for regions and masses with limited access to technology. Believing in the vital importance of cybercafés in the information society, Microsoft is carrying out an important project that allows these companies to be perceived as decent and reliable social places in society, with the initiative of the Chambre des cybercafés d ‘Istanbul and Ankara and the support of the Ministry of Culture. The details of the 3+ Internet Cafe project developed for this purpose were presented on November 23, 2009 at a meeting held at the Kocaeli Extreme Internet Cafe. Speaking at the meeting, Microsoft copyright manager Elçim Barkay explained the 3+ Internet Cafe business model as follows:

“The use of unlicensed software that goes unnoticed in these places, which mainly serve young people and millions of Internet users who do not own computers, can make computer systems vulnerable to Internet attacks and cause significant security problems. security. These companies, which provide Internet access to large segments, will continue to be the right address today and in the future, so that e-banking, e-government and similar applications can be adopted. and used by the company. It is important that these places, which serve as important centers of communication and socialization for Turkey on the way to becoming an information society, can meet certain quality standards, become profitable and even create a brand. We support these institutions with our solutions for purchasing Windows 7 and Microsoft Office software under special conditions, the Windows Live platform which offers a rich online experience, and our original content developed on computer culture and Internet security. The 3+ Internet Cafe business model will provide the most appropriate solutions for our entrepreneurs in this area”

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