10 countries you need to add to your bucket list

Growing up, one of the hardest challenges I faced was finding a hobby that I really enjoyed. I tried to learn to dance, to ride dirt bikes and even to sew, but everything always failed because my passion and motivation were never there. Traveling, on the other hand, was different. Exploring different cultures, venturing to new cities, and trying delicious food were all things I just couldn’t get enough of.

That being said, at a young age I started traveling the world with my family, and by seventeen I had officially visited over thirty countries. Today I made a list of ten countries that I think should be on everyone’s bucket list! This list is in no particular order, and a few of them are on my own to-do list! I hope you enjoy it and find some countries to add to your list!

1. Indonesia

Pictures from my trip!

The first country on this list is the beautiful country of Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is truly such an underrated country that I recommend everyone to visit it at least once in their lifetime.

There is an abundance of amazing places to visit across Indonesia including Jakarta, the Raja Ampat Islands, Lombok and the famous island of Bali. I have visited Bali many times over the years and have fallen more and more in love each time! There’s nothing not to love, from the people to the food, culture, sights and so much more!

Apart from the beaches, Bali also offers a ton of unique excursions for tourists, including exploring the rice paddies, jungle swings, shopping, snorkeling, and more!

2. Peru


The second country on my list is Peru, which is high on my must-visit list! From everything I’ve read and researched online, Peru seems like an amazing country with lots to see and do!

From spectacular beaches to some of the most breathtaking hiking spots on the planet, Peru has so much to offer! Enjoy stunning views, delicious cuisine, and unique history and culture to explore.

Most people tend to think of Machu Picchu when they think of Peru. However, you can never overlook all the other adventures, which include visiting the beautiful capital city of Lima, visiting the city of Cusco, and exploring the Ballestas Islands!

Peru really seems like a beautiful country that everyone would love to visit, and I can’t wait to see it in the near future!

3. Netherlands


Whether you like to visit old buildings, explore historic towns or drive scenic drives, the Netherlands is for you!

Located in northwestern Europe, the Netherlands is one of my all-time favorite countries for good reason! This country offers an endless amount of beautiful sights, delicious food and things to do! These things include biking around town like a local. There’s no better way to see the local sights than cruising around town on your push bike, admiring cool architecture along the way, or hopping on a riverboat for a different perspective. .

I recommend visiting Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague on a trip to the Netherlands!



The next place we have on this list is the beautiful North American country of Canada. No matter the part, this country has fantastic views and plenty to do all year round.

I have visited Toronto and Montreal on my travels in Canada, both offering an urban vibe but in their own way! If you prefer to explore nature rather than the atmosphere of the city, I recommend that you visit Banff. From my research, Banff National Park in Alberta is known for its incredible views and hiking trails.

Another beautiful part of Canada that I would love to visit is Quebec City. Besides the fact that Quebec is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it seems like a great destination with an interesting history to explore, tasty cuisine, and stunning architecture.

5. Costa Rica

Pictures from my trip!

Having visited Costa Rica a few years ago, I sincerely believe that this is a country that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Located in Central America, Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen! I have visited La Fortuna and Tamarindo, and I cannot recommend these spots enough!

Here I was able to take beautiful hikes to explore waterfalls, swim at great beaches, visit amazing hot springs, eat delicious food, and enjoy all that Costa Rica had to offer!

I will definitely return to Costa Rica as soon as possible, and I hope you will consider going too!

6. Australia


Then we have my beautiful home country, Australia! As someone who has lived and visited this country many times, I think it is a wonderful place that everyone should add to their bucket list!

Whether you love the beach or the city life (or both), you’ll love Australia! All in all, there are so many fun things this country has to offer including island hopping in the Whitsundays, exploring the great outback, sunbathing with local wildlife, swimming with incredible marine life, and the list goes on. There are also a ton of unique sweets and delicious dishes that you can never get enough of!

Some of the cities I recommend the most when visiting Australia are the Gold Coast, Sydney, Alice Springs, Cairns and Melbourne!

7. Vietnam

Pictures from my trip!

Then we have Vietnam, which happens to be my absolute favorite country I have ever visited!

Where to start with Vietnam? The country is beautiful, to say the least, and the food is delicious on another level. The people are also friendly and it was interesting to discover a culture so different from the one I grew up with.

When you visit a country like Vietnam, there is so much beauty in so many different cities, so it’s best to do your own research before deciding where to stay. I visited Hanoi, Hạ Long Bay, Hội An and Da Nang during my visit to Vietnam, and each of these cities had its own unique touch, which I loved!

8. Morocco


For the eighth country in this list, we have Morocco.

Based in North Africa, Morocco is an exceptional country with a wide range of things you could never experience anywhere else! These experiences include exploring Casablanca, visiting the medina of Fes, visiting the iconic blue village of Chefchaoeuen, and surfing at some of their beautiful beaches.

Morocco is truly a beautiful country, full of diversity and filled with amazing sights, delicious food, and best of all, the country is relatively safe for tourists! Morocco is definitely on the bucket list and I can’t wait to explore the famous city of Marrakech one of these days!

9. Denmark

Pictures from my trip!

The penultimate country on this list is the beautiful country of Denmark, which is a small and peaceful Scandinavian country based in northern Europe.

A few years ago I visited Denmark, and I think it’s a country that everyone must see when visiting Europe! Whether you love art galleries, cycling around town, taking river cruises, exploring Renaissance castles or fashion, Denmark has it all!

During your visit to Denmark, Copenhagen is a real gem to visit absolutely! There is an array of beautiful, bright buildings, stunning architecture and great nightlife! Another wonderful thing in Denmark is that everyone gets around by bicycle, which is great for the environment and an easy way to get around.

10. Cambodia


The last country on this list is Cambodia, which also happens to be one of the top countries on my list.

Located in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a small country with many beautiful sites and an amazing history. From gorgeous beaches to temples and villages, Cambodia is a country most people would enjoy!

I love that Cambodia offers an incredible amount of history and culture, delicious food, authentic travel, remote islands, night markets and so much more! I can’t wait for the world to open up and start traveling again…I plan to visit Cambodia as soon as possible!

Just like that, we’ve officially rounded up the top ten countries that I think should be on everyone’s bucket list! I sincerely hope that you have found a country that you would like to visit one day or that you have learned something new from it!