6 ways to be more productive with minimal effort

Everyone wants a productive and organized lifestyle, but maintaining it can be difficult. This article will guide you through ways to increase your productivity without having to make major changes to your daily routine.

1. Buy a diary

Since the new year has just begun, it’s the perfect time to buy a planner. Planning your day can not only make it more productive and eventful, but it can also give you a sense of control and organization. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, planning your schedule can eventually become a daily ritual for you.

Many people cannot be productive without planning for future events. Some also say that planning ahead reduces stress and can be therapeutic. By using a planner, you are also prepare you to set realistic goals for the future. There are so many planners you can buy online. I’m sure with a little research you can find one that matches your personal style. Here are a few planners I would recommend:

  • The daily planner https://www.papier.com/joy-31149
  • The stress-free journal https://www.cgdlondon.com/products/stress-journal?
  • The Morgan Harper Nichols Planner https://www.anthropologie.com/en-gb/shop/morgan-harper-nichols-day-by-day-2021-planner?

Everyone wants a productive and organized lifestyle, but maintaining it can be difficult. This article will guide you through ways to increase your productivity without having to make major changes to your daily routine.

2. Training

Anyone can find an excuse not to train. However, doing a one-hour workout, which may seem like a lot, is only 4% of your entire day. There is always a way to save time, such as getting up earlier, taking time out on your lunch break, or canceling unnecessary plans so you can work on yourself. Whether it’s a workout video on YouTube, hitting the gym, or even creating your own workout routine, these are all forms of exercise that will strengthen your body and your life. Even training for 20 minutes a day can have an upsetting effect on your physical and mental image.

Working out also allows your body to release endorphins, hormones that make you feel happy, giving you a sense of accomplishment. By simply working out in the morning, you’ve already achieved something, and without even realizing it, your brain will be gearing up to achieve other things throughout the day.

3. Reduce the use of social media

Phones have become a necessity in today’s society, and they can have a huge effect on your well-being.

You may realize this once you take some time on your phone. I’m not saying completely cut your phone out of your life because it’s not maintainable. However, it should be possible for you to try to reduce the time you spend on your phone.

You can do this by going to your phone’s settings and bringing up the Screen Time app. Here you will be informed how many hours you spend on your iPhone daily. By cutting back on those hours, you may find that the phones can be a waste of time when you could be engaging in other more meaningful activities with your time, like hanging out with your friends.

4. Create a comfortable workspace

Completing your education or practicing your profession is a challenge that almost everyone faces, and your performance can be much better if you work in a comfortable space.

Many people stay in bed when working/studying at home. While this may sound appealing, it encourages laziness due to continued sleeping and working in one place. Beds are a place to sleep and relax while work has different priorities. Work at a desk or at the table, make your space cozy by maybe lighting a candle or putting on a comfortable outfit. If you do your work in a comfortable space, you can reduce procrastination; therefore, you will be able to complete your work faster.

5. Create a consistent routine

Some people tend to go with the flow, but building a productive and rational routine will make you feel fitter.

Organization is one of the key factors of productivity. Although things like cooking and exercising may seem strange at the moment, making them part of your routine will make them part of your lifestyle. Try setting an ideal alarm so you can have a consistent bedtime schedule and have time for all your daily activities. This way you can be more sure of how you can plan your daily routine. You might end up adapting more to your day.

6. Find something you like

Finding a hobby can be difficult at first, but there really is something for everyone, whether it’s art, dancing, reading, writing or a sport.

By discovering what you enjoy and continuing to do so, you will see an increase in your happiness and benefits for other aspects of your life, including your productivity. You’ll feel motivated to get up and do what you love, and that attitude should carry you through your day.

If you’re still not sure what you could do, fill the time you would spend on your phone with something relaxing like meditation, there are thousands of videos on YouTube to experiment or read or take a bath , you can try drawing and even listening to your favorite music. All of these activities should increase your happiness and productivity.

7. Set goals

If you set achievable goals, you know what you’re working for, you’ll have the motivation to work hard and achieve your goals.

Everything you do should have a purpose, so write down all the things you want to accomplish by the next month, then conclude what you will need to do to achieve those goals. Organizing how you will work for your achievements is a great way to increase your productivity and keep you busy. Don’t think about what you want to do, do it instead and you’ll feel fantastic about yourself and feel inspired to achieve more.

These are the tips for being more productive with minimal effort. Thank you for your time!