What it means to become “that” girl

The days are long gone when everyone was raiding stores for hydro flasks and shell necklaces. Even drawing hearts on our faces and wearing chains while calling this style an “E-Girl” is out of trend. If you’ve been on TikTok at any time over the past few weeks, you might have noticed a new take on these trending styles.

“That girl” has been circulating on a lot of our feeds lately, so what exactly is “that girl”? Well, someone who is “that girl” is someone who prioritizes themselves in a good way! Spending time working on themselves, eating foods that make them feel good, being productive, and working to improve… That’s who “that girl” is. Much of what we’re shown is about aesthetics, and while that’s a big part of it, becoming “that girl” is more of a state of mind than having a perfect life.

What is it like to be “THIS girl”?

You become “that girl” in your own way – someone’s representation of becoming “that girl” will be very different from yours, or anyone else’s. Becoming “that girl” is like feeling good, making positive changes in your life and pushing yourself to be a better person every day. “That girl” is about both physical and mental well-being. You don’t have to be the fittest girl in the world and eat the healthiest foods every day. It’s about improving yourself and doing these things in your free time and for you only.

Adopt healthy habits

To begin your “that girl” journey, you need to start by building healthy habits and thinking about the areas you want to improve in. “That girl” is apparently a well organized and organized person. Start by thinking about how you can become her. Do you want to be in better shape for a hot girls summer? Maybe you want to get better grades or just improve your overall well-being. If you’re the napping type, try getting up earlier. Or if you always find your space messy, spend some time cleaning it up! Adopt healthy habits for your well-being, such as remembering to stay hydrated throughout the day and cutting back on sugary treats.

Set realistic goals

There’s nothing worse than setting a goal that you can’t reach or that you can’t achieve because of its lack of realism. It’s easy for us to set goals based on a dream or an ultimate whim. Try setting frequent short-term goals that you can tick off to feel success and pride instead of feeling guilty for not achieving them. “That girl” always achieves what she thinks. Set a weekly or bi-monthly goal that is realistic and achievable, while being a little difficult at the same time.

Feed your body

“That Girl” isn’t just about eating healthier foods. But eating foods that make you feel good, including fresh produce and meals you love to eat are key to becoming that girl. Foods with less processed fat and high levels of sugar are a good start! Learn to cook meals at home and eat less on the go. Eating healthy doesn’t always mean simple salads and foods, so do your research and find foods that are good for your body while still being delicious. Alternate occasionally from a bag of potato chips to a fruit platter fortified with nutrients that fuel and nourish the body.

Get rich in power

Glowing skin and good food aren’t all it takes to become “that girl.” You must constantly learn and evolve. This girl is always looking to learn and assimilate new information in all areas of her life. It can be in your schoolwork, where you want to work on becoming more focused and productive. Or you may want to know more about certain personal aspects such as self-confidence. Enrich yourself with information by taking different courses, listening to powerful mentors, starting new podcasts, and reading more books. You will gain power by becoming a more informed version of yourself.

Move your body

Exercise is either loved or hated by everyone. Whether you’re someone who has a workout routine and hits the gym frequently, or someone who neglects it, it’s equally important to incorporate it into our lives. It is advisable to move your body for at least half an hour a day to stay healthy, so try to incorporate some form of movement into your daily life. “This girl” is always moving, productive and motivated. You don’t have to exercise to lose weight unless that’s your goal, but do it because you want to and want to get better. Exercise releases endorphins that stimulate us to make us happier, so add a simple walk or run around your neighborhood to your day.

Is there a toxic side to being “that girl”?

It is spoken among some that “that girl” is a toxic state of mind. Although it’s portrayed by many as staying lean and healthy, that’s not what it’s all about. A toxic mindset is when you feel like you have to do something and you feel like you have to look and appear a certain way, and the truth is, becoming that girl doesn’t have the same appearance for everyone. You don’t have to have the intention to get perfect or leaner, you just have to have the intention to get better. Getting better doesn’t mean looking better, it means feeling better inside and feeling more satisfied, happy and confident.

Take care of yourself

“That girl” is always on top of skincare and has glowing skin, so develop a skincare routine if you don’t already have one. Do something good for yourself as often as possible, like changing your hairstyle or getting your nails done at a salon. Wear clothes that you like and that you feel good in. Outfits that make you feel confident and happy should always be worn. When you take care of yourself, you recognize self-love and prioritize yourself, which in itself already makes you “that girl”.

My experience with trying to become “That Girl”

I first saw this concept on TikTok and thought it was an amazing way to promote a better lifestyle, while being a motivator to become a better person. I now enrich myself with various educational and influential podcasts, and set myself frequent goals. I aim to maintain a healthier lifestyle, from diet to exercise, and have made my mental and physical well-being a top priority.

Although I’m not perfect (who is?), it pushed me to become a better version of myself every day. And that’s what becoming “that girl” means.