7 Activities to Add to Your Summer 2020 To-Do List

The most mundane activities would normally bore you, but with the COVID-19 pandemic leaving you with nothing to do and nowhere to go this summer, you can find ways to feel like you’re discovering something new about yourself. yourself and about what you are. interested in.

I find it easy to look up activities to try, but I get bored of them later. Even if I wanted to travel abroad before moving to university, there is always an alternative to discover a different culture directly from home, for example.

Without further ado, here are seven activities to add to your summer 2020 bucket list:

1. Cook something new

Do you usually order Chinese food at least once a month? Depending on where you live you can still do this, but I find the concept of cooking my food very adventurous. All it takes is a Google search to find a myriad of recipes at your fingertips. You can try recreating your favorite Chipotle dish or make a healthier version of a McDonald’s Big Mac if you like. This activity is perfect for all levels of cooking, from the beginner cook to the experienced chef. My favorite dish to cook is General Tso’s Tofu. As someone who loves Asian food, this is definitely a treat!

2. Try a new video/computer game

Few people are gamers, and they may not have time to game. If there’s nothing else on your daily schedule, maybe a series of The Civilization of Sid Meier VI could pass the time or if you feel a bit more competitive, League of Legends can also meet this need. The two games I mentioned are my personal favorites, while giving Magic: The Gathering Arena an honorable mention because it allowed me to rekindle my love for the classic card game. Both Lol and MTGA are free to play, and Civilization VI is free to download until May 28 from Epic Games. You can also find a variety of games online, although this may depend on the platform you are playing on.

3. Try a new board game

Does your family hesitate to expose their eyes to a computer screen for an extended period of time? Would they rather watch TV? Don’t worry, because board games can save the day! If you have board games in your closet, encourage each of them to learn these games alongside you, guaranteeing fun. Settlers of Catan is a favorite among my uncle’s “group of quarantine friends”, not to mention the chaos that could ensue for several rounds of secret hitler. If you think you need more variety, you can shop online or if your favorite small business has an online store, you can support them by shopping from them.

4. Immerse yourself in art

You don’t have to be a world-class artist to create something with just the stroke of a pen. Art can be therapeutic, whether it’s something as simple as drawing a few lines and shapes or you have a plan to bring that imagination to life. There are no rules in the art; You can grab a sketchbook and draw/paint your heart, or you can buy a coloring book and spend the time filling in the blanks on the page. I started spending part of my day creating fashion sketches, where I could easily search for inspiration online on Pinterest and put my piece together that way. I also have no shame or regret in having to rely on tracing sketches on paper in order to make the piece itself beautiful.

5. Write in a journal

On days when you feel down and unmotivated, putting your thoughts into words can help you deal with the emotions. You don’t need a fancy notebook to claim it as a journal, although preferences vary from person to person. I got into the habit of keeping a journal a few years ago when my home life was tough and I’m continuing it now as I go through the journey of living in quarantine and dealing with issues that may arise. It’s a great way to clear intrusive thoughts from your head and lighten your self-esteem a bit before a good night’s sleep.

6. Watch a movie or TV series you want to watch

Classes and part-time jobs don’t usually leave much time to watch your favorite shows, but with lost time off or having nowhere to go, that’s an option. You can revisit Netflix and browse through a number of shows that bring nostalgia or rent a few movies online to watch. Netflix Party helps enhance that experience by letting your friends watch the same show as you, while letting you all chat with each other using the group chat feature. This activity also applies to readings of past sports matches for all sports fans reading this.

7. Exercise

Can’t stand sitting still at home? There is always an option to move outside. You can take a walk, a jog, or maybe even a bike ride around the neighborhood. The internet also provides many amounts of workouts that you can do without any equipment (if you don’t have any). Even if I don’t have a platform to play just dance, YouTube provides plenty of videos of pretty much every version of the game and it’s been my form of exercise for some time, also adding in some bike rides and basic workouts that would prove beneficial once I can get back on the ice. If you are outside in any way, make sure you have a mask on at all times.

Whatever you decide to do, do it because you not only want to pass the time in these difficult times, but also discover something new about yourself. There is no right or wrong in doing these activities, not to mention that there may be other activities that interest you. Be sure to prioritize your safety and health before doing anything that may involve physical contact with others outside of your household. .