Things To Do In London To Shake Up Your Winter Blues

It’s raining, it’s raining but your winter doesn’t have to be boring!

Yes, rain ruins your hair, your mood, and more than likely, your winter plans. But cabin fever shouldn’t set in too quickly. While watching Gossip Girl for the fifth time might seem appealing when the weather is drizzly and dull, don’t let that stop you from embracing winter.

If you need some inspiration on what to do on those gray days, here’s a list of the top 10 things to do when the sun isn’t shining.

Putt a hole in one at Swingers

There’s nothing like a competitive game of golf to forget the gloomy weather outside. Swingers West Endbrags offers two romantic and traditional seaside-themed mini-golf courses, as well as four glamorous cocktail bars. Rainy days suddenly don’t seem so bad anymore, huh?

Admire the view of London at the Sky Garden

If taking in the view of London (for free might we add) is your thing, then look no further! Offering both panoramic views of the city and a botanical paradise in a single viewing gallery 43 stories high in the sky, the Sky Garden is the perfect place to marvel at the magnificent city of London without being drenched by the rain.

The Sky Garden also offers bars and restaurants, so if you fancy a martini 160 meters in the sky, this is your calling.

Make yourself comfortable at Everyman

Multiplex cinemas are a thing of the past; gloomy winter weather calls for a fashionable luxury cinematic experience and the Everyman delivers none other than that. Classy seating and table service offering drinks and snacks completely changes the game of cinema and turns a simple trip to the pictures into an opulent affair.

Laugh all night at the Comedy Store

The Comedy Store in Leicester Square is the perfect place to drown your sorrows and laugh at your winter blues. Offering matinee and evening performances every day of the week, these hand-picked comedians will make you forget the gloom of winter in this cozy underground venue.

Reach for the Stars at Oxygen Freejumping

Exercising can feel like a drag during these cold months and getting out of bed to hit the gym is exercise in itself. However, Oxygen Freejumping completely changed the game and made training fun (yes, it is possible!). Named the UK’s number 1 trampoline park, you can jump and flip until your heart’s content; freeing up your inner 5, while burning all those Christmas calories too.

Get Rowan’s Strike

A bowling alley, bars, karaoke, table tennis, arcades and more in one place at Finsbury Park, what’s not to love? Providing something for everyone, Rowan’s is a perfect place to hide out from the dreary, cold weather for a few hours. Conveniently located in Finsbury Park, North London, Rowan’s is easily accessible from all over the city, so what are you waiting for? The loser buys the drinks!