A complete list of reasons to love being alive

If we wait for a critical moment to decide to cherish life, we gradually kill ourselves inside. However, this past year and a half and the pandemic have made us recognize the small moments we encounter in life and how they are the ones that have the most responsibility in shaping our outlook.

What follows is a rather oddly specific list of components that remind teens to love life, corny as that sounds. Sometimes we need memories that make us stop and actually digest our surroundings. We find ourselves constantly looking for different things in life: success, time, happiness, money. It is only when we enter a period of shutdown that we can fall in love with our daily existence. Here are fifty little things that can make you smile.

  1. The smell of a new book
  2. See a quote when you need it
  3. puppy kisses
  4. Have butterflies in that one person’s stomach
  5. Laugh until you cry
  6. 80s movies
  7. Saying I love you.”
  8. Fortune inside fortune cookies
  9. Barnes & Noble Purchasing
  10. Seeing your best friend for the first time in a long time
  11. read poems
  12. A good night’s sleep
  13. Take pictures in bittersweet moments
  14. Receiving parcels by post
  15. Have a good relationship with their parents
  16. Watch the sunset and discern all the delicate colors that fill the sky
  17. inside jokes
  18. The upbeat emotion you feel after a workout
  19. Feel good about yourself
  20. Long car rides with lots of music
  21. family dinners
  22. Bubble baths after a long day effective
  23. Prove you wrong
  24. Prove someone else wrong
  25. To be loved back by that someone
  26. Light candles, bonus points if new
  27. Throw your cap in the air on graduation night
  28. Painting without sketching
  29. Feel the sun on your face
  30. When your favorite song is on the radio
  31. The thrill of watching horror movies in the cinema
  32. Listen for precipitation/thunderstorms when indoors
  33. Talk or play with your pet
  34. Find the perfect song to match your mood
  35. Check everything off your to-do list
  36. Back to Photos and Scrapbooks
  37. Buy books
  38. Seeing the stars on a clear night
  39. Have a tidy space or home
  40. Thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your face
  41. make someone laugh
  42. make yourself laugh
  43. New calendars/notebooks
  44. Find ways to enjoy the seasons
  45. Having your hair stroked or played with
  46. Have fun like a child without any worries
  47. Talking and laughing with a distant friend on the phone
  48. The pleasure of personal accomplishment
  49. Reruns of your favorite TV shows
  50. Realizing that you have a new chance to encounter all of this every morning

Seriously, every morning we wake up, our lungs expand a little more and our hearts reach for more oxygen. To put it simply, life is like a shortlist of things to do. We’re not promised forever, but we’re committed to the days we strive to make count.

The other night I spoke to a long distance friend, and she helped me achieve something so important. I felt scared but excited about entering a new circumstance in my life and needed some crucial guidance. “You are going to hurt yourself; It’s inevitable. Might as well give it a shot and go for it, you know. Nineteen words, but so much wisdom if you really think about what she said.

It’s been a while since I received this advice, and I hope it sticks with me even longer. Life is made up of little experiences, and all those occasions stir up all kinds of emotions: prosperity, grief, tension, relief, doubts, everything. This is where the word inevitable comes in. There is no shortcut to life, and there is only one thing we can do that will allow us to deal with the uncertainties that come with life: savor it all.

Falling in love with life does not mean that we are suddenly invulnerable to anxiety, grief or pressure. No, it just means that you finally recognize every outcome and every repercussion that comes with it. And accepting things is such a fascinating concept. This means that we end up giving up everything that is not ours to influence or change. It’s like falling in love with someone else: you respect their flaws, flaws, missteps, and not only do you accept them, but it makes you cherish that person even more.

You are probably wondering how you start to love life again; it’s relatively simple. First, let your laughter be of daily importance; and understand something as broad as education doesn’t have to end once you graduate from college; it is a lifelong thing. Second, start listening to others. Always remember that you have more to learn from others than you think. Third, never fear or shy away from any complex work and minimize your desire for instant gratification. We’re never going to please everyone, and we’re not supposed to rely on others’ approval. Fourth, strike a careful balance between setting aside time for yourself and devoting energy to everyone else. It allows us to deduce a whole world out there if we catch a glimpse of it. Finally, make sure you have a creative outlet. A safe space or even a relaxing hobby you can turn to if no one else is around or if you just want to practice the art of being alone. All of those meaningless actions will one day be returned to you when you sit down, breathe a sigh of relief, and say, “I fell in love with life.”

So even if the universe ends up sending you a heartbreaking partner; even if it sends you the pain of no longer being able to live with someone by your side; or just sends the pouring rain on you despite the fact that you have just washed your hair, you will always admire every minute of these events. All it takes to “really live life,” like in the movies, is to keep waking up. Then the rest we choose ourselves.

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