Diamond Art Club promotes an innovative approach to DIY art

With the extra time that has been given to everyone while isolating at home, Diamond Art Club has the perfect activity to cure boredom and let your imagination run wild! Publicized and trending through TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms, you may have recently discovered the hobby of diamond painting.

This hands-on experience brings a whole new edge to the art world and fans of celebrities like Alessandra Ambrosio, Cheryl Burke, Meghan King and Peta Murgatroyd would definitely agree.

What is Diamond Painting?

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As announced by Diamond Art Club, the concept of diamond art is “a combination of cross stitch and paint by numbers, diamond painting is the new creative hobby taking the art world by storm. Arts and crafts”.

Whether you do it while watching a movie or listening to music, diamond art is an exciting hobby for those who have plenty of free time. Using this method, it makes it possible to use the process of pressing a “magic” applicator tool into the wax, then using the diamonds to attach it to an adhesive canvas. In the end, once the jewels are brought together in the model of your choice, a stunning masterpiece is presented to be hung on the wall, loaned as a gift or displayed in any other way!

Benefits? For starters, diamond painting has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety, while helping your mental health. With the constant need for escape, this craft offers mindfulness-based art therapy, allowing individuals to breathe while engaging in hand-eye coordination activity. This notion makes the brain feel productive while forcing your mind to focus, while exercising the muscles in your hands and fingers.

Another important aspect of this is that by releasing your inner visionary or artist, completing the project can convey a sense of motivation and self-worth. For this reason, if you are one of the many people who constantly juggle a busy schedule, you may be surprised at how enjoyable the diamond painting process can be for you!

Diamond Art Club

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Looking at Diamond Art Club, they are one of the most well-known companies that have spread happiness stimulated by diamond art. In addition to their eco-friendly materials, including toxin-free glues and inks, the time frame to complete a painting can range from a loosely two to nine hour-long sessions.

Unlike other brands that sell cheap items, the Diamond Art Club team focuses on high quality products with original artwork, 100% velvet tarpaulin canvas and epoxy resin diamonds. Speaking of which, one of the special components is that they collaborate with artists who do appropriately licensed artwork involving 10,000-30,000 dot frames.

Even for people who tend to be more discerning, Diamond Art Club’s wide variety of color options, outlines, skill levels and sizes will suit anyone who decides to give diamond painting a try. I love the wide variety of styles that can suit my personal interests and preferences!

That being said, it’s no surprise that Diamond Art Club customers return frequently to purchase more paintings, especially with the added anticipation of receiving the package in the mail!

Their story

“It all started a few years ago…I was stressed out working 60 hours a week with barely time for lunch. I longed for an outlet to express myself, even if it was only half an hour a day. Everything changed when I discovered my passion for the art of diamonds! — Angie Shehaj, Founder of the Diamond Art Club

With Angie’s obsession with diamond painting and the limited amount of designs available, that’s when she knew she had to create a diamond art kit with all the necessary elements. to achieve his aspirations.

On the website, she says, “I was not happy with any of the diamond painting kits available on the market because there was no attention to detail. It was an enjoyable hobby and the process was fun, but the end result just wasn’t what I expected. So my fiancé and I decided to take it upon ourselves to make the best kits possible. We noticed there was room for improvement and the rest is history.

Since then, his team’s main goal has been to inspire and create a creative environment for all ages to participate, with the same satisfaction and fun that comes with the enriching experience.

My Experience: The Fireside X-mas Standard Size Kit

I tend to find myself constantly looking for new things to try, so when I first heard about Diamond Art Club, I immediately thought the concept was such a unique idea compared to what that I usually see on the internet. This craft definitely stands out, in the best possible way! Although I’m not the most experienced in the art, a huge plus for me was that this diamond painting was really easy to learn, without needing any prior expertise.

For the Fireside X-Mas Kit, I specify that it lived up to its expectations! Upon receiving the package, I was pleasantly surprised to see the obvious care taken in the presentation and organization of the product. This painting is a 22″ x 22″ size canvas, and the small details are so sharp and fiery the picture!

At first glance, I immediately noticed that the canvas flattened itself with the high quality materials, easy to follow instructions, and I was personally impressed that everything I needed was included no problem. There was the canvas model, separate diamonds with color coded chart, applicator, handle, tray and heart shaped wax that added to the brand aesthetic.

Although this hobby may take time, I could tell that the craft pushed me into a calm and relaxed state, while feeling the Christmas mood. Not to mention that before I knew it, time had passed and I had been working on it for hours! I completely understand how easy it is to get caught up in the activity, especially since this was my first time painting with diamonds.

Once I got to see the final result, I realized that viewing it in person was much better than the images online, and the realism presented something I had never seen before. Needless to say, I would recommend this to anyone looking to try something new on the trending radar!

recent projects

Seasonal Holiday Kits

Speaking of which, now that Christmas is right around the corner and families are starting to get their festive celebrations started, Diamond Art Club is finally releasing their selection on Christmas Paintings! From models of Santa Claus to cozy chimneys and snowy villages, these themed kits are exceptional to get into the mind, which also serves as a top-notch decorating idea.

Since the holidays channel high stress and generate hectic crowds when buying gifts, these diamond paintings are great gifts, and they also erect an opening to let go of any problems or tensions you are facing. . You can even use these activities to bond with loved ones, hence this is the time of year to thank and appreciate those around you.

Butterfly breast cancer awareness painting

As the Diamond Art Club business grows, to commemorate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, they decided to donate 100% of their profits of their special, one-of-a-kind painting, “Butterfly Breast Cancer Awareness Painting” to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

It has been shown that a whopping one in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. While many are still trying to find cures for this disease and are constantly looking for new ways to educate others about the importance of this disease, raising awareness is just as crucial in supporting the end of cancer and the lives that have already been assigned.

This specific painting promoted by Diamond Art Club could significantly contribute to the continued spread of breast cancer. Whether you buy this painting in memory of someone, to support a good cause or for someone currently facing breast cancer, every gesture you make towards this cause counts.

Join the Diamond Art Club Family

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Whether you’re doing this activity for a “me time” or with a group of friends, Diamond Art Club’s diamond paintings are definitely something you’ll want to add to your wish list.

If you end up acquiring your own painting, be sure to share your creations on all social media and use the hashtag, #diamondartclub to be featured on their Instagram!

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