Gifts to get the ultimate Harry Potter fan this Christmas

The magical world of Harry Potter is part of the lives of millions of children (nearly 50% of children aged 15 to 17 in fact). No matter how old you are, you never outgrow your love for magic, adventure, and the endless desire to be part of such a mystical world. If you have a family member or friend who just can’t get enough of Potter, keep reading to discover some real wizarding magic gifts that are sure to wow them!


One of the best ways to stay warm and cozy in the winter is to grab a steaming cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up on your couch. These beautiful mugs will keep the Harry Potter spirit alive as you snuggle up for TV marathons! Choose which House the gift recipient is from or treat them to a Hogwarts or Marauders Map themed mug, including mugs that transform and reveal the design once heated!

Personally, I love morphing mugs – I often have so many mugs in my house that getting another one is a bit disappointing. But when it’s special and unique, I like to use it and watch the design emerge. The Marauder’s Map and the Hogwarts train morph mugs are my favorites!

From top left to bottom right:

Slytherin | Cauldron | Potter and Granger Chibi | marauder’s map

Hufflepuff Morphing | Red Marauder’s Map Morphing | Hogwarts Train Morphing | Chibi people collection

Hufflepuff | Hogwarts Crest | Slytherin | red hogwarts

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What goes best with a hot cup of hot chocolate? A cozy blanket, of course!

Choose from lightweight blankets, heavyweight blankets, or throws, with a huge variety of colors, styles, and patterns!

I love buying blankets for the holidays, and the creative designs make it even more enjoyable. Home-specific covers are a great option because they have a beautiful design with a more personal touch.

Triwizard Tournament | Red Hogwarts Collection | Hufflepuff | Shiny Slytherin | Neon Hogwarts Crest

Plaid Slytherin | Ravenclaw wording | Hogwarts Animal Crests | Red Gryffindor Crest | Blue Hogwarts Collection

Brown Gryffindor | Marauder’s Map | Brilliant Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw | Dark Hogwarts Crest

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Winter gear

A backpack from the previous two, winter gear is still a great gift during the cold winter months. Hats, gloves, beanies, slippers and scarves are all fantastic ways to show off your Hogwarts spirit while staying warm. Home-themed winter wear has been especially popular in recent years!

Recently, I’ve seen an incredible spike in Hogwarts-related winter wear. From hats to gloves to scarves, it’s a stylish look and shows off your personality. Scarves are a great gift as Harry Potter characters are known for their scarves. I also love the hats and gloves because you just can’t go wrong with the colorful style.

Gryffindor Scarf | Hedwig slippers | Slytherin printed pom pom | Hufflepuff Scarf | Slytherin Pompom | Ravenclaw Hat | Ravenclaw Scarf

Gryffindor Hat | Slip-on Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw Worded Pom-Pom | Slytherin scarf | Gryffindor Slippers | Hufflepuff Hat and Gloves Set | Slytherin Slip-on

Hufflepuff Scarf | Hogwarts Crest Slip-on | Hogwarts Ankle Slippers | Chibi slippers | Gryffindor drafted | Ravenclaw wording

Ravenclaw tassel | Hedwig Slip-on | Hufflepuff Worded Pom-Pom | Ravenclaw striped pom pom | Slytherin drafted | Hufflepuff wording


Experience Hogwarts in a whole new way with these immersive board games and card games! Discover the card games designed by Harry Potter and all kinds of Harry Potter games. From Harry Potter-themed Clue, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit to games designed just for Harry Potter, these games are sure to bring the whole group together!

My favorite Harry Potter game is CLUE Harry Potter. Although the game takes some time, it is a truly immersive and very Harry Potter-themed game. Playing cards are also a great inexpensive gift for playing shorter games.

From top left to bottom right:

Harry Potter Battle of Hogwarts | Funkoverse 102 Board Game 4 Pack | Harry Potter Chibi Themed Cards | USAOPOLY Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Defense Against the Dark Arts | CODENAMES: Harry Potter Board Game

Trivial Pursuit: Wizarding World of Harry Potter | Deathly Hallows Card Game | Harry Potter A Year at Hogwarts | Harry Potter UNO Card Game

Scrabble World of Harry Potter Board Game | LEGO Games: Harry Potter Hogwarts | Harry Potter Mystery at Hogwarts Game | Goblet of Fire Playing Cards

Harry Potter Labyrinth Family Board Game | USAOPOLY Harry Potter House Cup Contest | CLUE Harry Potter Board Game | Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition Family Trivia Board Game

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Choose something sparkly to really excite your friend or family member! From bracelets to rings to necklaces, there are different designs of jewelry in all price ranges to suit your needs. Jewelry is a great way to represent your home in a stylish and popular way!

Harry Potter jewelry has become particularly intricate and attractive over the years and these designs show it. Personally, I love Golden Snitch and House-specific necklaces and bracelets because of their matching colors and clean design.

From top left to bottom right:

Blue Ravenclaw Bracelet | Golden Snitch Necklace | Bracelet Alohomora | Slytherin Bracelet | Alex and Ani Sorting Hat Bracelet

Necklace and earrings 9 3/4 | Golden Snitch Bracelet | Yellow Hufflepuff Bracelet | Harry Potter ring | Hogwarts crest necklace

Hedwig Necklace | Time Turner Necklace | Gryffindor Necklace | Black Hogwarts Earrings | 4 Houses Necklace | Alex and Ani Deathly Hallows Necklace

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Whether for decoration, for sleeping, or simply to rest your head on, pillows are a comfortable way to show your love for the magical world! Choose from dozens of different designs, including cute, scary, simple, and detailed. You can choose pillows or pillowcases, and select the shape and size that suits you best for your catcher!

I like to use pillows specifically for decoration, and a home or quote specific pillow helps me show off my personality and style in a more subtle way. I also love the artistic patterns and colors of the pillows on the lower left.

From top left to bottom right:

Green Slytherin | Hufflepuff Badger | Just a magician quote | Set of 6 | Hogwarts Crest

Hogwarts houses | S Slytherin | Yellow Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw Badge | Black & White | Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

Hogwarts Red School | Harry Potter Animated | Red Gryffindor | Chibi neck pillow | Red/White/Black/Blue

Set of 4 | Slytherin Snake | Happiness Quote | 9 3/4 | blue ravenclaw

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Tapestries have become the latest fashion and decoration trend. You can hang them anywhere (a dorm room, your bedroom, on the ceiling or on your bedroom door) to match your decorating style! Express your style using these detailed and artistic designs.

From top left to bottom right:

Gryffindor Lion | Ravenclaw wording | Hogwarts Black Crest | Marauder’s Map | black slytherin

Black Hufflepuff | Beige Hogwarts Crest | Hogwarts Castle | Slytherin Snake and Wand | Striped Hufflepuff

beige Gryffindor lion | Light Green Slytherin | Black Ravenclaw | Banners | Gryffindor broom

Hufflepuff Badger | Centered Black Hogwarts Crest | Blue Ravenclaw Eagle | Checkered Gryffindor | Beige Slytherin Snake

Hogwarts Colorful Crest | Blue and Brown Ravenclaw | Hufflepuff Badger Crest | Slytherin Snake | Ravenclaw coat of arms black and blue

For more artistic designs, click here

Small gifts

Looking for something smaller that delivers the same big smile? Choose from one of these trinkets for a cute little gift!

These gifts are perfect as stocking stuffers or more budget-friendly that will provide the same excitement! Popsocket designs are eye-catching and with so many colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the one that matches your phone case. Lanyards are also a great gift for teens in high school or college to keep track of their keys or cards with added style.

From top left to bottom right:

Harry Potter Crest Popsockets | Gryffindor Keychain | Blue Popsocket with Hogwarts Crest | Happiness Quote Keychain | Hufflepuff smartwatch | Hedwig Popsocket | 9 3/4 Pop socket

Hedwig choker | Marauder’s Map Lanyard | Collection of Keychains | Chibi Popsockets | Hufflepuff Lanyard | Black Marauder’s Map Lanyard | Deathly Hallows Keyring

Slytherin Keychain | Blue Hogwarts Castle Popsocket | Harry Potter Houses Choker | Mischief Managed Popsocket | Time Turner Keychain | Slytherin Popsocket

Hogwarts Lanyard | Gryffindor Apple Watch Case | Popsocket Gryffindor | Slytherin Lanyard | Deathly Hallows Popsocket | Hogwarts Houses Keyring

Movie and Book Specific Gifts

Looking for gifts more directly related to the series? This collage is ideal for the ultimate book and movie lover, from popular Funko-Pops characters to collectible pins and a customizable Hogwarts acceptance letter!

I have the unofficial Harry Potter cookbook and it’s such a great read! Not only are the foods delicious and pretty, but the text is immersive and gives the backstory to each of the foods. Harry Potter collectible pins have also become a huge trend, and they are beautiful and exquisitely designed.

From top left to bottom right:

Hermione Wand | Slytherin Candle | Hogwarts Wizard Chess | Albus Dumbledore Funko Pop | Quidditch set

Slytherin Quidditch Jersey | Hufflepuff Pin Collection | Hufflepuff FanClub Pin Collection | Harry/Ron/Hermione Funko-Pop Collection

Mad-Eye Moody Funko-Pop | Harry Potter Candy | Hogwarts candle | Ravenclaw Pin Collection

Harry Potter Cookbook | Gryffindor Pin Collection | Harry Potter Wand | Personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter | Gryffindor Quidditch Shirt

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Looking for even more stylish gifts? Check out these official websites designed for people who love Harry Potter as much as your friend!

Harry Potter Shop

wizarding world store

The Harry Potter Shop at Pier 9 3/4

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