I found the most thoughtful holiday gift: improve your life with a smart change

The holidays are fast approaching, and with them comes the gifts and gift picking. Picking something that someone will truly enjoy and appreciate might seem like a challenge, but with Intelligent Change, it’s a breeze.

As someone who is always looking to improve themselves and their lifestyle, it was a moment of total enlightenment when I first encountered Intelligent Change. A brand focused on next-level self-care and thoughtfulness, Intelligent Change is all about mindful living – the perfect gift anyone could wish for.

From guided journals to meditative affirmations, Intelligent Change has all the tools to help you find yourself spiritually and achieve your inner peace. With a clean minimalist aesthetic and eco-friendly materials, the products look beautiful inside and out.

Especially the rave reviews from Emma Watson, Tim Ferriss, Camila Mendes and many more, I knew Intelligent Change was sure to unlock something in me.

Results? I was surprised: indeed, it did, but more than that, it exceeded my expectations much more than I had anticipated. Take the name seriously: Intelligent Change is seriously life changing.

It’s time for a smart change in our lives.

“Now is a great time to start living a more mindful and fulfilling life. Take the time to take care of yourself, change the way you think, and notice the world reflecting those changes back to you,” says Intelligent Change. “It’s time to unleash your full potential. It’s time to be a part of—Intelligent Change.”

We’re on a mission to help 1% of the world’s population create positive change in their lives. This is only the beginning.

– Smart change

Buy Intelligent Change at www.intelligentchange.com.

The classic: five-minute diary

This is the self-guided notebook heard “around the world, guys”. From the cover, you know it: the classic Five Minute Journal, adored by many celebrities and media, all for good reason. With over a million copies sold, this notebook has touched so many lives.

“The easiest thing you can do to start your day happier is to focus on the positive and become more mindful,” says Intelligent Change. The Five Minute Journal does exactly that: in just five minutes, with this notebook, you will be able to reflect, appreciate and become more attentive.

Purchase the original Linen Five-Minute Diary here for $29.00 USD.

To grow, you must think positively and have an optimistic outlook. However, that’s easier said than done – life happens. The Five Minute Journal guides us through thoughtful prompts, which makes this approach much more feasible.

When you focus on the good in life, the good only multiplies in abundance.

So how do you use this notebook? Easy: Take five minutes – no more, no less – to reflect on your day. Set a quick schedule in your morning and afternoon routine:

Start and end each day on a positive note.

☀ Morning Routine: You will be asked three simple questions in the first moments after waking up each day.

☾ Night routine: Before resting, you will reflect on the positive experiences of this day and focus on how to create a more fulfilling future.

Whether you had a fantastic day or an ordinary day, there is always something to be grateful for. Gratitude makes us better beings.

You can make the most of every day with the content of the notebook, which includes: “weekly challenge, morning gratitude, prioritizing your day to make it great, daily affirmation, inspirational quotes, highlights day-to-day and an end-of-day reflection to grow and improve.”

The linen cover of the journal is also eco-friendly and the quality of the notebook is impressive. In addition to the beautifully written content of the notebook, the five-minute diary is an absolute must-have in our book.

Keep it by your bed, on your shelf, or in your purse wherever you go!

2022, here we come: the diary of the best year

It’s almost the New Year – and in 2022 let your actions and thoughts be intentional over the next 12 months. Define a clear vision, set goals for the future and achieve them with the strategies laid out by The Best Year Journal.

As Intelligent Change says, the Best Year Journal helps you become the best version of yourself. With this journal, you’ll learn how to prioritize and know what’s most important to you, as well as collect your thoughts in an organized and purposeful way.

Buy the best newspaper of the year here for US$30.00.

“In the Best Year Journal, you’ll find an introductory guide to the year-end exam and how to use this journal to make the coming year the best year ever,” says Intelligent Change, “It There are six parts: Reflection, Gained Knowledge, Vision and Clarity, Personal Action Plan, Weekly Review and Monthly Review newly added to help you track your progress and get regular feedback.

Best Year Journal is here to make your year the best it can be. Whether it’s focusing on your goals, reflecting on your reasons and thoughts, and celebrating each milestone, this journal will be there for you all year long.

Resolutions should not be abandoned – they box be fulfilled, and you are more than capable of it! This journal helps you put your thoughts in order with additional tips and resources. You can also write notes on the side.

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This lovely blue notebook is “made with 100% natural cotton cover fabric, 100% recycled inside pages and endpapers”.

Intelligent Change is dedicated to being as environmentally friendly as possible. “This journal has two natural cotton ribbons. The paper used in this product is made from 100% recycled paper. It is recyclable, compostable and FSC™ certified”, specifies the brand, “The CO2 emissions generated during manufacturing of this paper are fully compensated.”

Hey, let’s get closer.

In a world where technology has taken over our communications, Let’s Get Closer is a game designed to empower you to have meaningful and constructive conversations.

Whether you’re best friends, new friends, or complete strangers, Let’s Get Closer is sure to connect you with the other person on a whole new level.

Purchase the Let’s Get Closer card game here for US$30.00.

The game is divided into three levels: Close, Closer, Closest. As you progress through the levels, the questions become much more personal, allowing you to really get to know the other person in new ways and learn something new about them along the way.

“There’s no wrong way to play, as long as you get close,” Intelligent Change encourages. To play the game, follow the simple steps below:

1. Find someone you’d like to get to know better.

2. Choose the level of closeness you are comfortable with, based on your level of familiarity.

3. Decide how many cards you want to go through, then read and answer the questions in turn.

4. Once you are done, take some time together and think about the answers.

5. Try more questions of the same level. Go up a level. Even go down a level.

Keep an eye out for wildcards, too: by the end of the game, you’ll feel much stronger in your relationships and can form strong bonds with others.

You can play it with anyone: your grandparents, a colleague, a classmate, your best friend – the list goes on. The questions are filled with challenging and surprisingly fun questions – be sure to have fun with them as you connect with others!

Say it: conscious affirmations

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement and confidence. To achieve our dreams, we must believe in them.

Start your days with powerful words. With the Mindful Affirmations Deck, you’ll receive “a weekly dose of affirmations that boost self-love, self-care, and mindfulness [and] harness the power of positive thinking to overcome doubts and insecurities.”

Purchase the mindful affirmations game here for $30.00 USD.

Always think positive and let that good streak of energy guide you. When you focus on the good, you will feel much more comfortable. Repeat the affirmations on the cards every day and you will feel empowered and able to do anything.

The card game comes with a beautiful wooden stand. You can choose your affirmation of the day to display on the stand or present the one that resonates the most with you.

Follow the steps below advised by Intelligent Change to get the most out of this experience:

1. Each week, choose a new Affirmation card and place it on the display where you will see it often.

2. Read affirmations shortly after waking up or before going to sleep, as our subconscious is more open to suggestions when in a relaxed state.

3. Repeat your affirmations whenever you need to boost your self-esteem or find the inner strength to overcome your doubts.

4. Feel free to reuse cards that interest you and discard those that you find less meaningful.

Always remember to love yourself and become the best you what you can be!

Holiday gifts

This holiday season, if you want to give your friends and family something really impactful, let it be Intelligent Change. The self-discovery and reflection they will be able to do with these tools is truly impressive. Nothing will be the same, no matter how trivial, and your outlook on life could change for the better.

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Intelligent Change will inspire you to inspire, and these notebooks and journals will only make us all better, inside and out!

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