New year, new me: 10 resolutions to become your best self in 2021

2020 has been a surprisingly difficult year for everyone and as this year draws to a close, it’s time to think about the new year. It’s time to stop being stuck on the same resolutions year after year, eating healthy and exercising more is good!

Let’s be honest though… How long did you actually do it?

Before you see the infinity of posts titled “New year, new me”, it is good to have some resolutions in mind to become the best version of yourself next year.

1. Do something once in a while that’s out of your comfort zone.

Everyone always wishes they had tried new things, but they never take action.

It doesn’t have to be something outrageous like skydiving, but set a deadline for yourself to do something you would never do. This can be weekly, a few times a month, or monthly.

Participate in an activity you’ve never done or it could even be something as small as changing your coffee order.

2. Create substitutes in your routine

No, I’m not talking about food, although it’s something you can substitute!

Create a substitute for the habits you have in your everyday life. Even if it’s a small thing in your day, like replacing the time you spend on social media with journaling. If you have time at the end of your day instead of browsing Netflix, do something productive!

Replacing small habits, no matter how small, can make you feel more fulfilled and proud of how you spent your time.

3. Stop dreaming for your dreams

If you’ve had dreams, whether big or small, if you spend even an hour a day in them, you’ll find that you’re getting closer and closer to them. Easier said than done, right?

There is no success that is beyond your reach if you work on it, for me it was gaining experience for my dream job as a journalist, well here I am writing and getting closer to my biggest life dream! Whatever you want, stop daydreaming and put off your aspirations for next year, now it’s your turn to shine.

4. Be kind to yourself

We all know how difficult this year has been and with the quarantine and the year out of the ordinary, it has taken a toll on people, and they are well-being.

2021 is the year to bounce back from abnormal times and be kinder to yourself, if you’ve felt rushed by online work overload or pushed yourself a little too far this year, this resolution needs to be in top of your list.

Take the time to do something you used to love but have put aside, treat yourself to a spa treatment or even make a reservation at a restaurant you love!

5. Set Frequent Achievable Goals

Goal setting is one of the most effective ways to take control of your year and write down a few goals you want to achieve, weekly, monthly or even by the end of the year, to focus on them. achievement.

Whether it’s for school, work, or even a personal goal, try to keep them achievable to begin with, then gradually make them bigger and harder to achieve. No matter how big the goals you set, once you can tick them off, it’ll be a great feeling.

6. Stop procrastinating

It goes hand in hand with goal setting, procrastination affects us all, and while we’d love to be 24/7 productive robots, sometimes our minds get the better of us.

This year, focus on getting things done quickly and without hesitation. Keep distractions at bay and push yourself at work instead of scrolling through TikTok for hours…don’t worry, I’m guilty of that too.

7. Sleep better!

I know that even though social media, phones, and laptops are readily available in bed, getting a full night’s sleep is important.

You may find that this may be the only downtime you have, but getting those much-needed hours of sleep is more important than watching “just one more episode.” Sleep affects us more than we think and if you don’t get enough of it, not only will you feel bad, but you will also look bad because it affects our body system and can be the cause of bad skin.

8. Work on a positive outlook and attitude

Being positive can be hard at times, but you need to have a positive outlook and attitude as we enter a new year.

As boring and bad as our lives can seem at times, even through the low points, it’s good to look at the positives. Learn to look at what could be a bad day or a stressful day and balance it out with some positives!

Take a deep breath and smile, having a positive outlook and attitude will strengthen you and make you stronger and harder to knock down.

9. Spend time embracing nature

Not everyone has access to all kinds of scenery, but if you can stroll through a park or beach and spend some (tech-free!) time admiring it, you’ll find that even 15 minutes of tranquility can make your day ten times better.

I started doing it throughout this year during times of stress and it shaped my day. You can walk your dog or even just sit around listening to music, meditating, writing or just enjoying the surroundings.

10. Appreciate life a little more

Gratitude has become quite the topic this year and it’s worth every conversation, from journaling to listing and overall, allowing yourself to appreciate the positive things everyday can have a big impact and can make you happier.

I made it a priority to list once a week my top five moments, people and places I was grateful for, as you should! Having the ability to reflect and appreciate is a skill that will keep you humbled and happy.

Another year, another chance for you to improve and work on creating your best. One resolution everyone should have is to keep the resolutions on track! As the clock strikes midnight and this year is behind us, we can move forward and make 2021 a year of change, for the better.