Secrets to the Best Gifts: Get Out of the Ordinary with the Coolest Gifts from Unusual Products

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved one? Whether it’s for friends, your favorite aunt or for a gift exchange, Uncommon Goods is sure to have a gift like no other.

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Goodbye, Boring Gifts – Let’s Be Unordinary

This holiday season, make your gifts a quirky and cool moment. With Uncommon Goods’ variety of gifts, you really can find anything. From a self-watering sunflower kit to even a mini heart-shaped waffle maker, Uncommon Goods fully embraces its name.

Giveaways are meant to be fun, and it’s time to say goodbye to those regular, boring giveaways. Instead, go for something so unique and specialized that your recipient can’t help but think, ‘This gift was made just for me!’

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What’s special about Uncommon Goods is that each item is made by an independent designer. “Every design we come up with incorporates elements of creativity,” the brand explains.

The story behind a product matters to us. We want to know how it’s made, who makes it, and the process that leads to the final design. From potters and painters to jewelry artists and artisans of all kinds, we have worked with hundreds of manufacturers over the years. We are proud to offer independent designers a place to showcase their work.

-Uncommon Goods

It’s time to spill the beans

Looking for the perfect board game to break the ice? With What have you done? board game, you will have fun sharing your best stories, funny or comforting!

Shop What did you do? Party game here for $20.00.

This pack of card games is like no other – there’s no loss, only the winnings of getting a round of laughing stories to tell.

Pick a card from a deck to reveal the question – from the intriguing “Have you ever experienced something supernatural that you can’t explain?” to the hilarious “Have you ever had a party ride?” – the cards invite you to share your story.

Everyone who plays the game will answer the question with a printed Yes or No flash card. From there, everyone will share their answers around the table and the party will be filled with funny knees and sweet, heartbreaking stories!

With over 400 questions, there’s no doubt you’ll hear the best stories throughout the day.

What have you done ? The board game lets you have real conversations while enjoying the silly fun of it all. It’s the perfect gift for anyone – adults or teens – and it’s such a bargain for less than $25 USD.

The perfect gift for baking lovers

Oh dear! For gourmands, the French macaroon is the dream dessert. Delicate, sweet and the perfect complement to tea, this bite-sized cookie is every baker’s dream to create.

Buy the Macaron Kit here for $32.00.

The Macaron Kit includes “a non-stick silicone baking mat, a refillable batter/frosting ‘pen’ and six different nozzles for easy decorating”. Plus, it also comes with a recipe book – now you’ll know how to make 6 different flavors of macarons!

The baking mat comes with ridged grooves that allow macarons to maintain their perfect circle shapes. It does not go into the oven and can be inserted directly into it!

The paste pen might just be the best thing that ever existed. Piping bags are a lot harder than they look, and this handy tool lets you extract your dough and icing without any hassle. It also comes with six different tip types to create different designs.

Macaroons are notorious for being difficult to create, but with Uncommon Goods’ Macaroon Kit, it’s all made easy. Your pastry-loving buddy will sincerely thank you for this gift!

Think about the future and reflect on the memories

Have you ever thought ahead and thought about the future? Hey, me too! Have you ever wondered what you will look like in ten years? Hard to agree on that one too.

With the handy My Life in Chapters journal, you can document treasured moments spanning 10 years. It’s the perfect journal to collect all the important moments of your life and reflect on the best moments.

Purchase the journal My Life in Chapters: 10 Years here for $35.00.

It can be hard to keep track of a journal, but not with this journal – this journal will help you collect all the best moments forever.

To start with this diary, pick a date to write in the diary once a year for ten years, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or New Year’s Eve.

When that exact moment you’ve chosen arrives, you’ll follow a series of simple, fun, and thoughtful writing prompts. What did you learn new this year? What are you currently dreaming about? What are you grateful for? The questions are meant to get you really thinking and, in the process, learning more about yourself.

The journal even includes a section to display your most meaningful photos and memories – the perfect place to slip in your Polaroids, ticket stubs and letters!

Each year, you’ll complete each 12-page chapter – and after a full decade, you’ll have a book full of memories that will bring you the best nostalgia.

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