Be a surfer: a wonderful metaphor for our ideal way of life

The image of a surfer is not as ordinary as most people have always thought. Yes, it is a metaphor for determination, willpower, positive energy and, above all, adaptability in all life situations. It doesn’t matter if the waves are high or low, a good surfer would know very well how to handle them.

As in our lives, it is fascinating to know how to adjust our behavior according to dissimilar circumstances. Sometimes you have to be humble and lower your ego to a big wave. On the other hand, you have to try your luck and surf without hesitation towards an average.

Why should we try to be ‘a surfer’?

Our world has been changing every second, every moment, and yes, changing direction, trends, and people’s prevailing sentiment are inevitable. So instead of being super subborn, always staying in the same position, and then finally getting swallowed up by the big wave, why don’t we all try to be a surfer once?

A good example of a “surfer” is the chameleon. They are known for a distinct color range as they are able to transform into different hues and brightnesses; basically, their colors are permanently camouflaged to protect themselves from predators and also adapt to various living environments.

Covid-19 is also an exemplary example. Although we all struggled at first as this virus turned our lives upside down and disrupted our daily activities. Well, but we’ve adapted pretty well learning and working online, managing to find vaccines, haven’t we?

How to be a good surfer?

1. Regularly Guess Possible Scenarios

Highly adaptable people are those who can envision various scenarios and think about coping strategies. They are always ready to intervene and proactively manage rapidly evolving problems.

So get into the habit of asking yourself “what if” questions before you start working or studying. Asking questions and guessing at possible scenarios helps us prepare, practice looking at problems from a future perspective, and plan the next direction. From there, solutions to problems can be given more wisely.

2. Actively explore and learn new things and break the bad

Life will be much more fascinating if you are ready to understand any new knowledge at any time. Also, try not to be conservative or stubborn, because you’ll never get better by being that way. Breaking the unwanted bad habit is also a skill you need to learn to be a good surfer.

Being proactive in even the smallest things helps you to be a pioneer and to be able to tackle new things. Eventually, your journey will progress day by day.

3. Take failure as a lesson.

There is no perfect path or easy path to success. We will encounter different obstacles and barriers that will test our abilities as well as our attitude. So failing is supernormal, and the point is, you better learn how to deal with it, how to deal with it next time. Remember, there is nothing to be embarrassed or discouraged about.

Just see your failure as an opportunity to make it more complete, more effective. Get out of your comfort zone, embrace change and live it. Thus, you can combine them with valuable lessons of experience, because each skill must be cultivated and perfected every day.


Besides these tips above, a perfect surfer must also know in what circumstances to be humble, in what circumstances all the bravery must be mustered to finally beat the waves. Of course, actions speak louder than words, and yes, the world is yours, feel free to explore and remember: try to be a SURFER.