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I always thought podcasts were boring. Why would you want to listen to someone talk when you can only watch TV? I never really understood their appeal – it was – until my forties.

I started taking long walks just to escape my house. The music quickly got boring and I needed something that would keep me entertained throughout my walk. I then started listening to podcasts. At first it was murder mystery podcasts. However, walking alone, early in the morning, I was quickly scared that Ted Bundy would jump on me. So I started exploring podcasts that appealed to me more.

Navigating podcasts can be tricky. There aren’t many for teens, and it can be hard to find a podcast that’s both entertaining and helpful. However, after much research, I finally found my favorites. So here are my 9 favorite podcasts you’ll never want to stop listening to.

Educational Podcasts

Learning through podcasts is an easy way to retain interesting information. However, finding a good podcast can be tricky because educational podcasts can be boring and seem to go on forever. Here are three that are sure to keep you engaged throughout the podcast.

1. The newspaper

The newspaper is a Wall Street Journal podcast hosted by Ryan Knutson and Kate Linebaugh. They discuss politics, economics and current affairs.

The newspaper is the perfect podcast if you want to learn about current affairs and the economy. Both Ryan and Kate are captivating and have the ability to explain things easily. The newspaper features guests on each episode who share an interesting perspective on the topic they’re discussing.

The podcast has episodes several times a week, so you’ll always have an engaging new episode to listen to. All episodes last less than 20 minutes, which is the ideal time to learn about a subject without getting bored. You can find The newspaper on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or the Wall Street Journal website for free.

2. Freakonomics

The Freakonomics The podcast is hosted by Stephen J. Dubner and explores a new economics-related question each week.

If you are interested in economics or business, Freakonomics is the podcast for you. Every week, Freakonomics answers or attempts to answer a fascinating question related to economics. Dubner has a natural talent for teaching economics, which is very clear in his podcast. Despite the fact that it explores more advanced topics, it still makes sure that the listener can understand the topic well.

There are over 400 episodes of Freakonomics, so you have a lot to listen to. My favorite episodes are “Does Advertising Really Work? » (un e[isodeendeuxparties)et”Pourquoivousnedevriezpasouvrirunrestaurant”Lesépisodesdepodcastdurentgénéralementenviron40à50minutesetDubnergardel’auditeurpleinementengagéavecsesinvitésintéressantsetsesperspectivesfascinantesTupeuxtrouver[isode)and“WhyYouShouldn’tOpenaRestaurant”Podcastepisodesareusuallyaround40-50minutesallofwhichDubnerkeepsthelistenerfullyengagedwithhisinterestingguestsandfascinatingperspectivesYoucanfind[isodeendeuxparties)et”Pourquoivousnedevriezpasouvrirunrestaurant”Lesépisodesdepodcastdurentgénéralementenviron40à50minutesetDubnergardel’auditeurpleinementengagéavecsesinvitésintéressantsetsesperspectivesfascinantesTupeuxtrouver[isode)and“WhyYouShouldn’tOpenaRestaurant”Podcastepisodesareusuallyaround40-50minutesallofwhichDubnerkeepsthelistenerfullyengagedwithhisinterestingguestsandfascinatingperspectivesYoucanfindFreakonomics on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts and on the Freakonomics website.

3. What you need to know

What you need to know is an educational podcast hosted by Charles (Chuck) Bryant and Josh Clark.

SYSK is a podcast that covers a wide range of topics on pop culture, history, and more. Chuck and Josh explore random but interesting topics that are sure to keep you informed. They both share interesting facts and perspectives on a wide range of topics. One of my favorite aspects of SYSK are their “Short Stuff” episodes, which are 12-13 minute episodes that briefly touch on a topic, while giving you a lot of knowledge on the subject.

Chuck and Josh post very frequently, several times a week, so you can learn about different topics in a single week. As I mentioned before, SYSK has “Short Stuff” episodes, but a normal episode is just under an hour. This gives hosts the perfect amount of time to introduce a topic and makes you feel like an expert on the subject. You can listen SYSK on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher and Apple Podcasts.

Podcasts for entertainment

Listening to educational podcasts can be enlightening, but sometimes it’s nice to wind down with an entertaining podcast. Here are my three favorites.

1. office ladies

office ladies is a podcast hosted by Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer (Angela and Pam on Office) who delves into every episode of Office.

If you are a lover of Office, listening to Office Ladies is a must! Each week, Angela and Jenna rewatch an episode of The Office and give listeners insight into the filming of each episode. Angela and Jenna often interview a guest who played a significant role in that week’s episode. They have great banter which makes the show fun and lighthearted.

Angela and Jenna release an episode each week that is about an hour to an hour and a half long. Each episode is filled with fun facts, first-hand filming stories, and occasional guest stars. Overall, this podcast is incredibly enjoyable and light-hearted, which is a great break from everything going on in our world right now. You can find office ladies on Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio and the Office Ladies website.

2. cry in public

cry in public is a podcast hosted by Sarah Hodgson, Sydni Wynter, Sophia Schlesinger and Claudia Meng, a group of friends of NYU students.

Crying In Public wrapped up its first season of its podcast in October, and its second season drops February 4. In each episode, they cover a relevant topic that usually has to do with their experiences living in New York as college students. Sarah, Sydni, Sophia, and Claudia have such a fun dynamic that you’ll want to be part of their group of friends too. They share personal stories of their college life, answer questions, play games, and sometimes have guests over.

Each episode is around 50 minutes long, all of which are filled with hilarious stories and helpful tips. You can find their podcast on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, and Breaker. Fair warning – this podcast will be want to move to New York. If you need a fun and relaxing podcast, cry in public is perfect for you.

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3. Chicks In The Office

Chicks In The Office is a podcast hosted by Fran Mariano and Ria Ciuffo that covers all topics related to pop culture.

Several times a week, Ria and Fran release a podcast about the biggest pop culture events happening that week. During The Bachelor seasons, Ria and Fran post a recap of The Bachelor, which are my personal favorite episodes. They also feature occasional interviews with celebrities such as Joshua Basset, Chad Michael Murray, Meghan Trainor and Tyler Cameron. Ria and Fran are funny, relatable and will definitely keep you updated on everything that’s going on.

Depending on the amount of drama that occurs in a given week, Chicks In The Office episodes range from around 50 minutes to around 2.5 hours. You can find their podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the Barstool website. If you need to laugh and love pop culture, I highly recommend you tune in to Chicks In The Office.

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Podcasts for personal well-being

If you want to be the happiest, most confident version of yourself, these three podcasts are perfect for you.

1. Diet starts tomorrow

Diet starts tomorrow is a health and wellness podcast hosted by Aleen Kuperman and Samantha Fishbein.

Diet starts tomorrow talks about health, wellness, confidence and many other topics relevant to a woman in today’s world. Aleen and Samantha talk personal stories, tips and answer fan questions. This podcast does a fantastic job of talking about the struggles women are going through today and the advice they have for solving those issues. I almost feel like Aleen and Samantha are my older sisters, advising me on everything I need to know.

These podcast episodes are around 20 minutes to an hour long and are released several times a week. If you’ve ever struggled with low self-confidence, this is the perfect podcast for you. You can find Diet starts tomorrow on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

2. Teen therapy

Teen therapyhosted by Gael, Isaac, Thomas, Mark and Kayla, is the perfect podcast for teens.

This podcast is unique among all others because it is hosted by teenagers. In each episode, they talk about the hardships teens endure and ways to deal with those issues. They will also often interview people who can share insightful views on the subject. Their podcasts are great if you’re feeling stressed or lonely.

New Teen therapy episodes are generally released weekly and last 30 minutes to an hour. You can find their podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and their website.

3. real capsule

Of all these podcasts, Real Pod, hosted by Victoria Garrick might be my favorite.

Victoria was a Division 1 libero on the USC women’s volleyball team and has battled an eating disorder in the past. Along with her own interesting perspective, having been a Division 1 athlete, Victoria also often has guests on the show who share interesting insights into body image, self-confidence, and more. real capsule is the perfect podcast if you struggle mentally because she has helpful advice and almost feels like a big sister.

Victoria posts a 50-minute podcast every Wednesday where she talks about mental health topics, especially eating disorders or body image issues. real capsule is entertaining, helpful, and a great podcast for anyone who might need a confidence boost.

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