What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You (Part 1)

You’ve heard of a zodiac sign, haven’t you?

Maybe you and your friends are having fun on Instagram and come across a chart of zodiac signs. It expresses the reaction of each zodiac sign to a certain saying or some limerick. You read it aloud and laugh at the answers saying whether or not you would answer it like that.

But zodiac signs are more than a game where you laugh out loud with your friends.

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Everyone is assigned a zodiac sign at birth based on your birthday. Each separate zodiac sign has its own unique qualities and desires. It is said that the signs of the zodiac can predict the type of person you are and the gender you want to be. So today we’re going to test this theory by identifying your zodiac sign, and seeing if you match its characteristics.

I will not go into too much detail because I am not specialized in this area of ​​expertise. I’m just a teenager who went through the same scenario with her friends and just wants to know more about the different zodiac signs!

If you don’t identify with these zodiac signs, don’t be offended or completely in disbelief about the zodiac signs. Sometimes they’re wrong, or they just seem wrong because you don’t want to believe it yourself.

Fun fact: Zodiac sign predictions can also predict the zodiac sign of your soulmate. People with the same element are said to be more compatible with each other.


Date: March 21-April 19

Fire: Aries is a fire sign, sharing its element with Leo and Sagittarius.

Description: People who are Aries most often make everything a competition. They like to be number one in everything they do. They are very brave and are energetically cheerful most of the time. With this energy and enthusiasm, they also have an excellent organization. Everything in its place. They’ll never miss a school assignment and will always do things two at a time to keep up! Their commitment and courage to everything in life is one of their many strengths.

Their strong personality also comes with a few flaws. For example, when they get angry, they always blame the family and friends around them. Make them distant when anger approaches. Their temperament would be another story. When you see an angry Aries, turn the other way.

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Date: April 20-May 20

Earth: Taurus is an Earth sign, sharing its element with Virgo and Capricorn.

Description: Taurus is one of those kind, hard-working people with tons of friends. Their ambition comes through in everything they do, a main reason why most people are likely friends with a Taurus. They aren’t too picky with friends or acquaintances, as long as they know they can be trusted. Reliability is something they admire and look for in any relationship they acquire.

With commitment and hard work, comes stubbornness. Taurus aren’t exactly known for being open-minded. They have their opinions and don’t like to argue with others about theirs. But their stubbornness can be considered a strength for some. During a conversation, something most people do when arguing over anything, at some point someone will give in even if they don’t believe the opinion the other is sharing . If a Taurus is in an argument, they will see the opposing person give in instead of the other way around. A trait like that that I even admire.

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Date: May 21-June 20

Air: Gemini is an Air sign, sharing its element with Libra and Aquarius.

Description: I am lucky to have several Gemini friends because, in my opinion, they are the best friends to have.

Their loyalty is at an extreme level. There’s one of those types of friends who will tell you if there’s spinach in your teeth, not the kind who only tell you at the last period when everyone else has already noticed and has some. laughed. Once you meet a Gemini and even get to know them, you can’t shake them anymore. Like one of those kids tattoos you can’t erase, which in those scenarios is a wonderful thing. Their loyalty is underestimated.

Intelligence too. I haven’t met a Gemini in my entire life who hasn’t passed every class they’re in. From there, you can probably conquer that they do great things later in life. But intelligence comes with extreme chatter. Gemini love to talk and are never shy. Also, due to their ability to start and sustain a conversation for a long time, their list of friends is endless.

Rachel once mentions to Ross in Friends that Ross never got to seize the day. Gemini’s incredible speaking skills can also be their greatest weakness, they almost never address the issue or scenario they’re most likely to talk about. Like Ross Geller. Everyone comes with their flaws.

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Date: June 21-July 22

Water: Cancer is a Water sign, sharing its element with Scorpio and Pisces.

Description: Emotional as hell, Cancer’s feelings aren’t as hidden as you might assume. Their emotions are not so adept at being well hidden, which makes them more focused and grateful to the world around them.

But first encounters are not their forte. When you first meet a Cancer, you might not expect them to be the best person to befriend, but once you get past the rough exterior, a Cancer friend has a lot to like. to offer. I myself haven’t had the luxury of having a friend who is Cancer, and I think I miss a certain part of myself. Since I can’t relate to personal experience, I don’t know if these horoscopes are true. But I hope so, because a friend like this I would like.

The conversations they have with others are deep and meaningful, just a small talk won’t be enough. They like to know what the person is conversing with what they think, feel and have experienced.

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Date: July 23-August 22

Fire: Leo is a fire sign, sharing its element with Aries and Sagittarius.

Description: A high self-esteem comes with many benefits, this is the case with Leos. Leos are blessed to never doubt what they are doing and will do whatever it takes to succeed. They never lose sight of their goals and will do all of this with full knowledge and understanding.

Everyone has their flaws, including Leo’s. With their level of self-esteem and leadership abilities, they can be a little self-centered, but in a way, we all are. But Leo has specific qualities that make this quality more apparent among others. If something doesn’t fit their schedule or fun criteria, they’re more likely to turn it down. This means that if a Leo agrees to hang out with you or someone else, it’s probably because they really want to. Even with this flaw, Leos have no problem making friends and foes along the way. But with their characteristics, who wouldn’t become envious? Some people just act on that craving in a negative way.

This isn’t specific to all Leos, but one leisure activity that some enjoy would be traveling. Seeing the world from a different point of view and discovering all the culture that each country, each city has to offer, wouldn’t be so bad.

It’s nice to have someone like that in a group of friends.

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Date: August 23-September 22

Earth: Virgo is an earth sign, sharing its element with Capricorn and Taurus.

Description: The most well-known basic Virgo adjectives to describe them are: intelligent, sophisticated, and a consistent learner. Based on this description, a clear image of a Virgin was reproduced in my head. Along with these characteristics, Virgo likes to plan ahead, the next day at school or their first vacation in Europe at age 25. Either way, this planning and sophistication doesn’t affect their social status or the number of friends they have in their class. They can carry on a conversation and need to know they can trust their friends before they fully commit to their friendship. From there, they are unlikely to betray you and with them you will never be confused (unless you break their trust).

With all that planning and organizing skills, a Virgo’s personality is very prevalent, and their bedroom probably reflects it quite perfectly as a Pinterest photo. Since they are perfectionists, always looking for new ways to become better, they may have the same selection of perfection in their friends, which concludes that their standards are quite high. This can sometimes shorten their friend list a bit and cause fights between loved ones.

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After completing all of these zodiac signs, I counted my words and realized that if I completed six more, my article would exceed the maximum word count for written articles.

So I decided to make it a two-part article. Those of you who are the other six zodiac signs, I’m sorry for the inconvenience but don’t sweat as my part 2 will be released in the next two weeks! Just be sure to stay tuned for new articles The Teen Magazine publishes daily!