5 ways to spend the holidays together from a distance

Distance sucks. We all know how disappointing it can be to be away from loved ones, especially during the holiday season. With strict COVID-19 restrictions or simply not being able to leave the house for personal reasons, spending the holidays with physically distant friends, family or partners can seem extremely difficult.

Isn’t it different when their presence is not with us in person? While that may be true, there are plenty of creative ways to recapture the warmth of vacation with your loved ones, even from a distance. Here are several innovative ways to beat the holiday blues and feel closer to your distant companions!

1. Create holiday-themed playlists for each other, or create one together!

It’s a simple yet thoughtful way to show how much you love and care for someone. You can add any songs that remind you of the person you are creating the playlist for and convey how you feel through the lyrics. You can either swap playlists or create a collaborative one, where the other person can add their choice of songs to the same collection.

This holiday season, make the playlist holiday-themed! It’s a fun and enjoyable activity, perfect for everyone.

2. Play online multiplayer games

If you and your loved ones are interested in gaming, whether on PC, console, or mobile, try playing multiplayer games together. There are plenty of games to choose from, from simple puzzles to complex strategy games to first-person shooters.

If you’re the zealous type, try engaging in matches with or against the other person. But if you favor slow-paced stories and deep lore, try story-heavy co-op games. It’s a great way to simulate togetherness and imaginatively eliminate the distance between you and your loved ones.

3. Cook or cook together via video call

Are you and your loved ones impeccable home cooks? Or do you just miss being able to work together in the kitchen? Cooking or baking together on a video call may be worth considering. Choose a recipe, follow it simultaneously and compare the results. Take a photo afterwards and share it on your social networks; Don’t forget to tag the other person!

4. Order gifts from each other

Bless online stores. Thanks to them, we can enjoy the convenience of home shopping not only for ourselves but also for others. Send your loved one a thoughtful gift from afar! Figure out what they like and choose something accordingly, or send them something unique, like a DIY kit, subscription boxes, or anything custom-made or personalized! Also ask them to send you something and unwrap gifts together over a video call.

5. …Or give them a digital gift.

Gifts don’t always have to be physical. If you’re the creative type, design something for your loved one, like a digital greeting card! If you’re a digital artist, making art for your loved ones is a great way to show how much you care about them this holiday season. If you can’t do either, you can ask an artist to make art for them (a great way to support small creators!), subscribe them to a digital service, or send your favorite book digitally.

Which of these ideas would you like to try this holiday season? Enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones and remember to cherish them always!