8 Ways To Get Rid Of The Nerves Of Being On A First Date

Being nervous on a first date is nothing special, especially for teenagers. According to Match.com’s 2018 Singles In America survey, 89% of singles get nervous before a first date. However, those who can overcome the jitters are the ones who can actually impress their dates. While nervousness is usually a good sign that you’re attracted to your other half, it can actually ruin your date.

A true story may explain this: a friend of mine went on a first date earlier this year, and although he had known each other for a long time, the boy felt extremely nervous upon meeting her and did not could raise topics for discussion. They walked around in silence and acted more like strangers than a couple. Only a few days after this date, my friend decided to end this relationship.

If you don’t want that to happen, here are some tips to get rid of the nerves on a first date:

1. Have a detailed plan before the actual date

Especially for the person asking their partner out, having a schedule ready is extremely important. Whether it’s just booking a restaurant or booking a date at an amusement park, knowing what you’ll be doing on the day makes your date a hundred times more comfortable. Not only would this make you feel more confident, as you would be taking the lead for the day, but it would make your partner see you as a responsible person.

2. Tell yourself it’s also a friendship

If you get too nervous, remember to keep telling yourself that he’s not just your date, but your friend as well. The way you act in front of your friend would not seem inappropriate, and he would even appreciate you treating him in a natural way. Acting nervous around your date can cause them to worry about their behavior, so staying relaxed won’t just impact you, but their feelings as well.

Stop trying to pretend to be someone else on a date – your partner didn’t accept this invitation because you are someone else. It’s because you are you, and the only way to keep impressing them is to keep being you.

3. Know your partner’s interests

It is extremely important to know what your partner likes and how he spends his free time. In order to make your date a success, conversations are key. To show that you respect their opinions and want to know more about them, knowing their interests ahead of time will be a great way to build confidence and surprise them about you and the date.

For example, if you know your partner likes cats, going to a cat cafe might be the perfect option for your first date. There you can discuss countless things and he will never be bored because the activity matches his interests.

4. Tell them “I’m a little nervous”

There’s nothing wrong with being nervous on a first date. If you know anxiety is bound to strike, tell your date that “I’m feeling a little nervous today,” and maybe if you want to use some flirting tips, add “because you have looks so good”. Honesty is the symbol of a good and healthy relationship, and sharing your feelings with your partner can even calm you down. With their support, you will gradually feel more comfortable.

5. Stop thinking about it!

You’ll only get more and more nervous if you keep thinking about what might happen on a date. Remember to keep your mind occupied with other things before the date, so that anxiety is not the only emotion you feel. Asking others “how to get rid of nerves” won’t help you much – the ultimate solution is to stop thinking about it and do what your heart tells you to do, even if it’s not the best act.

6. Don’t wear anything too formal

Maybe you just want to show that you really care about this date, or maybe you just want your partner to know that you really respect them. However, getting dressed up will only make you both more nervous. Having fun is the key to a successful date, without looking fancy. You always want each other to know that you can be comfortable with each other, so wearing something casual is the best way to show it – comfort is key to trust.

7. Talk to someone for help

As mentioned earlier, everyone has gone through this stage. Although this may be the first time for you, some of your friends may have experienced this before and know how to handle this situation better. Talking to a trusted friend or adult before your first date will not only make you feel much more relaxed, but will also give you tips on how to behave during the date. This is the best way of all councils to get both suggestions and encouragement. Comforting may seem a little awkward, but it’s the best way to put yourself in your best emotional state.

8. Don’t be overly sensitive

Do you remember the case of my friend who broke up after the first date that I mentioned at the beginning? After hearing the full story, I told her that half of the reason that led to her breakup was that she was too sensitive. When her boyfriend seemed less passionate or turned it down for some reason, she began to doubt that he was no longer interested in the date. Therefore, their relationship should not last. When her boyfriend didn’t offer her his jacket when she said she was cold, she thought he just didn’t care about her. Maybe these issues can be signals of a bad relationship later on, but on a first date, that’s not the case. First of all, it might also be their first date – they might also be nervous and not act like you wanted them to. Second, an important part of the first date is getting to know the other half. Cutting off the odds because of some mistakes on the first date might not be the best choice if you want a lasting relationship. Relaxing and ignoring the little details will make you much less nervous.

Remember, almost every human being these days goes on a date at least once in their life, so you’re not the only one. Letting your nerves take over your feelings will only make your significant other feel bad and also make them more nervous. Facing your nervousness and making the most of the date is the only way to make it a good one. Start positive, and your first date will also be positive.