How to shop at the market, shopping center, shop?

The trick is knowing where and how to shop. Come on, choose your place of shopping according to your style and your desires and catch your tactics!

Canan Danyildiz

Let’s go to the market!

If variety and affordability are important to you when shopping, then you should choose neighborhood markets! Here are the tactics that will work in the market…

  • The “bargaining” is done at the market, never forget it while shopping! Don’t be shy, don’t be bored 🙂 Take a look at the old ones on the side counter, take them as an example…
  • If you want to choose your clothes more carefully and shop in a calm atmosphere, you should favor the morning hours. So you can choose the clothes without pulling and fraying with anyone 🙂
  • However, remember that in the early hours of the morning there will not be much to do. If you stay in the evening it is possible to buy what you want with great discounts. Keep in mind that dozens of products have been sold before you and you won’t be able to get your share of many varieties!
  • A disadvantage of the market is that you won’t be able to try on the clothes you buy. It is imperative that you know your size and measurements well, as it may not be a bit difficult for you to change a product that does not fit you or your size.

Beware of this!
The markets are crowded, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on you and your bag at all times.

mall frenzy

Shopping malls opened one after another allow you to find many brands together. If you follow fashion closely and can’t resist wearing brands, your address should be the malls!

  • You should go to malls as soon as they open. You can look at the showcases as much as you want and visit them comfortably without clutter. If you stop at the store you like during these hours, the sellers will be more interested in you. So that you can feel more special and pamper yourself 🙂
  • One of the good things about shopping in department stores is that if you don’t like the product you purchased or have any issues, you can easily return it. But remember that to do this, you must keep your invoice.
  • If you get hungry while shopping, don’t panic! Another nice aspect of being in a mall is being able to find dozens of restaurants in one place! It’s a must to fill your stomach between two races!

Beware of this!
It’s worth remembering that you won’t get your share of fresh air walking around malls. It is certain that nearby electricity and air conditioners will not be good for your health! Moreover, the endless noise can also cause headaches. So do your shopping as soon as possible.

Personalized in-store purchases

Your friends might not know the name of those cute little window displays with flashy shutters you see when you come home from school or go out for coffee with your friends. But great products are waiting for you in these stores!

  • It is possible to find models that are different from each other and that no one else has in your shopping store! We also remind you that you can try them as you wish and act comfortably without worrying about queuing for the stand.
  • The shops are divided into two: the cheapest and the most expensive. It is possible to find cheap and quality products at first, but I remind you that you will have to shop with the crowd when this happens.
  • If you can afford to shop at an expensive boutique, you need to weigh your budget carefully. Because sometimes this shopping choice can cost you twice as much as the usual stores. But for sure you can find special design and stylish clothes that no one else has!

Beware of this!
In boutiques, you may not be able to make replacements and returns as easily as in department stores. Tell us 🙂