Inside the world of KELIANNE: the multi-talented star who makes music with meaning

In 2020, Kelianne Stankus joined Hype House, a popular creator house in Los Angeles, and was stunned to rack up millions of subscribers in the months that followed as she began to take TikTok more seriously. His foray into the world of social media is just the latest in a string of industry successes; Kelianne’s expertise spans gymnastics, dance and, more recently, music.

Kelianne’s career in the scene

Kelianne competed as a member of the US National Acrobatic Gymnastics Team and even won gold in 2005 at the Freedom Cup. She started doing gymnastics at the age of 7 and competed for almost 10 years on the national circuit.

She created a dance troupe called The Acrobats which toured nationally, opened for Justin Bieber and performed on The Ellen Show.

Kelianne grew up in an artistic family near bustling Los Angeles, California, and spent a lot of time with her father and brother, who were instrumentalists in several bands. Exposure to music early in her life drew her to the performance world.

“I always had a love for music growing up,” she said. “My main focus was gymnastics, but I quit competition at 19. That’s when I decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue the entertainment industry.”

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During her time at the Hype House, Kelianne’s TikTok platform grew rapidly and gave her a platform to venture into the music industry.

Her debut single, “Boys,” was released in February 2022, and she quickly followed that up with her new BET single in May.

“I think ‘Bet’ has a bit of an older sound to it than ‘Boys’,” she said. “They both definitely have that pop feel.”

The “Boys” music video debuted shortly after the single and capitalizes on Kelianne’s multifaceted performance technique by showcasing her choreography. The music video has since garnered over 50,000 views and Kelianne’s Youtube channel has over 200,000 subscribers.

As someone who’s dipped their toes into multiple industries, Kelianne said the music industry requires more patience than gymnastics or content creation. His main priority at the moment is to focus on the music and his fans.

“I think it’s enough to engage with [the fans] is super important,” she says of building a platform. “Responding to DMs, going live, and just commenting is a great way to connect with your audience.”

For her inspirations, Kelianne cites designers and musicians like Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez. “They’ve built this huge brand and branched out to try so many different things,” she said. “I admire them so much!”

10 quick questions with Kelianne

1. Where is your favorite place to shop?

I love Abercrombie and Fitch right now!

2. A hidden talent?

I am a very good whistler

3. Favorite song right now?

“The Love of My Life” by Harry Styles

4. Something you couldn’t live without?

My husband

5. Favorite party tip?

Handstands or backflips

6. Best childhood memory?

Go to my first concert with my best friend

7. Someone you would like to collaborate with?

Right now I’m obsessed with Harry Styles and would love to work with him

8. What’s at the top of your to-do list right now?

I want to see the Eiffel Tower!

9. Favorite thing to do when you’re bored?

Scroll on TikTok

10. Unmissable restaurant or café?

Burger In-N-Out

Keep up to date with Kelianne

You can find Kelianne on Instagram and TikTok @iamkelianne. His new single ‘BET’ is also available on all streaming platforms!