7 Activities to Help Relieve Depression

When you’re feeling down, making an effort to be active is easier said than done. Even so, being active can go a long way toward easing negative moods or living well with a diagnosis of depression. Sometimes the challenge is finding hobbies that you enjoy. Here is a list that might help you!

1. Writing

Writing can take different forms; whether you know what type(s) of writing you like or haven’t tried any at all, doing some trial and error to find your writing style is definitely worth it.

You can simply opt for the diary style where you write down your feelings, what you did today or how your relationships are going, etc. This style of writing is great for being able to process exactly how you feel and actually being able to put some of those feelings into words if you’ve ever struggled with it. You don’t have to share this writing with anyone else; it may just be for you. However, it’s a great way to let others know about your issues if you find it difficult to say things in person.Another style of writing is fiction, whether it’s a novel, short story, or poem. Whatever the genre, whether it’s fantasy, romance or thriller, being able to dive into another world and create the story and the lives of the characters can really make you forget what you’re going through, especially if it’s about a character trying to navigate the same struggles as you. I find writing to be one of the best ways for your mind to drift away and slip into another reality.

2. Arts and crafts

Crafting can take many forms, which means you can’t go wrong and you can be fully creative. Being able to use different art materials and accessories from anywhere and anywhere means you can create a masterpiece (or a mess) and just have fun with it.

Mood boards are a great example of something you could do. They consist of pictures and words describing how you feel, which means you can get creative by having your emotions and feelings in front of you.

3. Painting

You can paint abstract, paint a portrait, or paint whatever takes your fancy. However, if you’re like me, you like to paint but the paint doesn’t like you. I wasn’t born with the talent to draw or paint, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to do it anyway.Paint by numbers is a great way to paint a picture that was not drawn by yourself. You can purchase a canvas with a pre-printed image. It has many sections with numbers and you paint in these sections with the coordinating colors. So you can always have the joy of painting and a beautiful picture at the end.

4. Cooking

Baking is a great way to relieve stress and focus your mind on something. Doing this with others can be great for bonding and having fun, but you can also have fun doing it alone. Focusing your mind and effort on taking lots of ingredients and combining them to create something delicious is great for your mental health and also gives you the opportunity to share what you cook with others.

It can be hard to cook if you’re trying to eat a healthy diet, however, there’s so much you can cook, so there are plenty of healthier options you can choose from. But after all, diet is all about moderation, so you can indulge in a big piece of chocolate cake once in a while!


This activity is especially useful when you feel overwhelmed, stressed, confused, angry, etc., as it can really help calm you down and balance your mind. There are many poses you can perform, regardless of your level or flexibility.

You need to find yourself a quiet, comfortable place to practice yoga and be able to devote your full attention to it, as these are key to making it a worthwhile session. Being able to stretch and use breathing techniques can help balance the mind and help stabilize your emotions and give your body and mind a chance to refresh.

6. Take a walk

When you have depression or depressive symptoms, you may find yourself staying indoors and avoiding activities outside your home. Also, in the current Covid-19 climate, staying home is happening more than ever.

Just getting out of the house for a walk can do wonders for your mental health and also for your physical health. Getting some fresh air and surrounding yourself with a different environment beyond the four walls you are used to can help you clear your mind and focus on the walk and the surrounding nature.Other outdoor activities you can do are biking, swimming, jogging, picking wildflowers; all of these activities can be done alone or with others, which can also give you the opportunity to have conversations with others without it being through text messages or without the influence of the Internet and social media.

7. Take a bath

So this one isn’t really an activity, but that doesn’t matter because it can still do great things for your sanity. Whether you only take an occasional bath or decide to take one every week, soaking in a nice, warm bath can help relieve stress and balance your emotions.

When you draw a bath, it’s good to add some bubbles or a bath bomb, read a book or close your eyes and relax, and maybe add some candles or incense in the room. It can help increase the relaxation you get from taking a bath and being able to shake off the day.Whether you use one of the activities on this list as inspiration, or use other means to relieve your depression or symptoms, you should always remember that you are not going through this alone and that you have many people around you who are there to help you. and support you when you need it, and may be able to help you with some of these activities and have fun.