Why fast workouts that promise miracles are harmful

We’ve all seen those workout regimens that promise extreme results in a short time – and we know how appealing the idea sounds at first. But these seemingly innocuous titles promising miracles are dangerous. Titles like “Get Abs in 2 Weeks” and “Lose fat in 7 days” are enticing and give beginners false hope. Here’s why:

#1: They’re misleading

Each individual had a different body and metabolism. It may be very difficult for one person to lose weight, while another may struggle to gain it. With people having such different bodies, it’s unreasonable to claim that one workout or diet will give everyone abs.

#2: Aesthetics > Health

Additionally, it creates a negative body image for many impressionable and young people. Surrounded by workouts focused on achieving drastic results, this can be very harmful to one’s own body image. He creates an impression that prioritizes physical and aesthetic improvements over changes to his health. Eating habits and health must take precedence over aesthetics.

Source: Gymshark

#3: It’s just not possible

Workouts that tell you that you can get definition in one part of your body over the rest are absolutely nonsense. It is a known fact that for certain features to be more defined, such as the abdomen and back, the individual must have a low overall body fat percentage. This means that it is impossible to spot the reduction. In order to get leaner in one area, you will have to lose weight all over.

#4: Unhealthy Role Models

Finally, it’s rather naive to assume that your favorite workout influencer is healthy. Many influencers are so watched in the public eye that they may resort to unhealthy eating habits, such as starving themselves and overworking their bodies. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life behind a screen.

In this article, fitness influencer Stephanie Buttermore talks about her struggle as a bodybuilder and her transition to a healthier lifestyle.

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What should you do?

It’s remarkably easy to fall for fancy ads when it comes to working out, but there are some things you should do when you come across misleading content.

First, you can certainly watch this video or follow this diet, but understand that you may or may not achieve the promised results. Plus, changing the content you consume can make a huge difference in changing your exercise mindset! Look for influencers and athletes who preach health first and prioritize balance. Some of my favorites are Stephanie Buttermore and Natacha Oceane.

Lately, don’t fall into the calorie counting trap. While healthy eating is important, everything should be balanced and be sure to notice when you tend to go to extremes, whether in your workouts or your diet. Pull yourself together before these bad habits become an endless cycle.

It is important that we intentionally step away from these toxic expectations, focus on our health, and be patient with our bodies. Progress in the gym takes time, and as long as you work at it, you’ll achieve your goals. In the meantime, be sure to listen to your body: take breaks when you need to and move on to other moves as needed.

That being said, here are two things you need to remember as you begin your training journey.

#1: Mental Health Benefits

Regular exercise has been proven to significantly improve mood and optimism. Moving your body every day can actually have a positive effect on your outlook on life, and it can even prevent serious mental health issues like anxiety and depression. As you exercise, notice your change in mood by constantly looking at yourself in a mirror or stepping on a scale to judge your progress.

Source: Popsugar

#2: The physical benefits

Beyond aesthetic changes, sport improves the whole body through activity. Consistent training can improve muscle strength, endurance, and general functioning of various bodily systems. By improving one’s health, visits to the doctor become less frequent and the quality of life improves considerably.

PSA: Remember that someone else’s opinion of your body is undesirable and unimportant. Your worth isn’t defined by your size at all, and your body will always be the least attractive thing about you.