Casper Nirvana ‘Light and Thin’

lowerThe elegant lines that emerge with the harmony of fine and clean lines in the design of Casper Nirvana Thin & Light are the representatives of delicacy and lightness!

The attractive new member of Casper Nirvana series, “Nirvana Thin & Light”, Intel’s new advanced low-power processor technology, together with the harmony of the glossy black cover with the isolated silver keyboard, the impressive design created with lines and the 21.06 mm, it ushers in a new era in the notebook category with its thinness. When Casper Nirvana Thin & Light is closed, the notebook, which is completely glossy black on all sides, wins everyone’s appreciation with the elegance of the silver color when opened. For those who care about mobility; Nirvana Thin & Light, which combines functionality, technology and elegant design, is positioned in a superior position with its low energy consumption, its weight of 1.6 kg and its thinness of 21.06 mm.