Captivate with your lips!

Whether your lips are thick or thin, always enchant everyone! Here are the suggestions that will allow you to have remarkable lips…

a- If your lips are thin, apply lipstick on them by drawing a pencil outside the lip line. So you can make your lips look bigger than they are.
2- If your lips are thick, you can make them appear much thinner than by pulling the lip liner into the lip line.
3- When you apply lip gloss with a brush over your lipstick, your lips will look much fuller.
4- If your lips are dry, you can brush your lips with an old toothbrush and remove the dead skin!
5- For chapped lips, regularly apply the intense moisturizing cream to your lips every night. Thus, your lips become smooth in a short time.
6- If you want your lower and upper lips to be even, you should apply a pencil around the thin lip and then cover it with lipstick or gloss. Thus, the thickness of your lips will appear equal between them.

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