20 positive and powerful affirmations you should hear today

From time to time, everyone is faced with negative thoughts that can be destructive, lower our confidence, and affect our mood. Fortunately, affirmations can powerfully rewire our brains, allowing us to restructure our thought process. Positive affirmations can help us free ourselves from this negative spiral. In short, what you think you will become.

Here are 20 positive and powerful affirmations you should hear today to establish a positive mindset and improve your lifestyle.

1. I am enough

These 3 simple words hold more power than you can imagine. “I am enough” means that I accept my mistakes and learn from them. It means seeing your flaws and working with them hand in hand and understanding that you were never meant to be someone else, you are unique and perfect in your way of being. You are enough means you are free to grow and prosper. You can become the best version of yourself, not the version you see in others. You don’t have to prove yourself first and foremost. You have to understand your self-esteem and that’s it.

You are simply you, in the right place, at the right time and that is perfectly sufficient.

2. Even if I make the wrong decision, it will always lead me to something positive.

Whenever I have to make important decisions, I feel stuck, confused, and afraid of making the wrong decision. It took me a while to realize that whatever I choose, the outcome could be just as beautiful and positive. Especially if you’re a strong believer in “everything happens for a reason”. We don’t know what the future holds, but this affirmation surely helps calm negative thoughts as we embark on a new journey, knowing that all will be well.

3. I am worthy of love and happiness

Whoever you are and whatever you’ve been through, you deserve to be happy, loved, cared for, valued and respected.

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4. I can accomplish anything I decide to do

There is absolutely nothing in this world that you cannot accomplish when you think about it and believe in yourself. It’s one thing to try, and it’s another to stay dedicated, to stay committed against the odds.

Like Nike’s slogan says “Just do it”. Do not give up! Keep striving even when you fail. Get up, try harder.

5. I trust myself

Whenever you feel alone, remember that you have YOU. You are always there for you in all situations of life. Trust yourself enough that you don’t need anyone to watch over you and protect you.

6. I choose to prioritize my mental health

Once you’ve decided to make your mental health a priority, the next step is to set boundaries. Healthy boundaries can help people define their individuality and indicate what they will and will not hold themselves accountable for.

Choosing yourself over toxic friendships and relationships is another way to prioritize your mental well-being.

7. I won’t settle for less

You must have high standards. It is important for you to remember every day that you are not going to settle for less. You have to keep working and staying focused until you reach your goal.

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8. I am the architect of my life

Being the main character in your life means setting goals and taking action to achieve them. Focus on your passion and work on your insecurities. You are the only person who can create the life you have always wanted.

9. Bad days are inevitable

No life will always be good for us, surely bad days will come, but that doesn’t mean you have to be pessimistic. The most important thing in times like these is your attitude.

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Do you choose to remain grateful? It is often during these times that true character shines. You have the choice to see the positive or the negative in every situation. What you choose to see is how you will feel during life’s lows.

10. I am grateful for the growth

Changes are inevitable but sometimes frightening. If you’re like me, major changes give me so much anxiety. As uncomfortable as it can be, the changes help you grow, transforming you into the best version of yourself.

11. I don’t need to fit in to be accepted

Do what makes you happy. Trust that gut feeling. Follow your instincts no matter what the crowd is doing or what people are saying. There are so many voices around; so many opinions and background noise.

Stay true to who you are. Be different, be you!

12. My voice is my weapon

One thing I learned from reading Angie Thomas’ book ‘The Hate U Give’ is that “your voice is your weapon”. You have a voice, don’t be afraid to use it. Your voice is so powerful it has the power to change the world.

13. Asking for help does not make me weak

Sometimes it can be difficult to ask for help because it takes courage, humility and strength. This is a reminder that asking for help is essential to growing in our lives, it helps us to be more courageous, humble and honest. Let’s face it, nobody knows everything, when asking for help, people can share their expertise. There is no shame in asking for help and in fact, real growth happens outside of the comfort zone. Go out and ask for help at any time. I’m sure anyone will be willing to lend a hand.

14. I see the beauty and value in others and what they can accomplish

I’m the type of person who always tries to find something beautiful or positive about everything or anyone. Also, I am always happy to see others achieve their goals. Sometimes it can be something that gets you down, but remember your time will come too.

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15. I love myself deeply and unconditionally

We’ve all struggled with self-love, but practicing self-love makes you feel more worthy. Loving yourself unconditionally can also give you this new perspective of yourself, improving your mental health.

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16. My emotions and feelings are valid

One thing we humans crave is a sense of belonging and with that comes the need to be understood and accepted. What we need to understand is that when we depend on others to validate our feelings and emotions, we begin to compromise who we really are.

People often fall into bouts of depression because they feel like no one really “understands” them and what they are going through.

Our feelings matter, no matter what they may be. However, not everyone respects or acknowledges this and sometimes it is the people closest to us who invalidate our feelings.

17. The world is filled with endless opportunities for me

Whatever your situation, whether you’re dreading getting through the day or busy forging an empire, now there are opportunities all around you. At present.

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Every day you should make the most of what you have and you should always take advantage of all the opportunities around you.

18. Every challenge I face is an opportunity to grow and improve.

Struggles, failures, rejections are just obstacles in your journey. Let these challenges serve as a lesson for you to learn and improve for the future. Remember that the progression may not be linear, but step by step, little by little, you will get there.

19. My body is a wonderful gift and I will treat it with love and kindness.

In the age of social media, we tend to compare our physique with others, triggering body image issues and insecurities. However, it’s important to be gentle with yourself, take care of your body, and treat it with the love and kindness it deserves. We are all built differently, our bodies are unique and that is what sets us apart. There is no ugly or pretty body type, we are all beautiful and we have all been blessed with a body that works so hard to keep you alive.

20. I am proud of my accomplishments

Your success and accomplishments are the result of your sweat and tears. You never know when someone might look at your life from the sidelines and wonder how you’re doing so well. Your achievements could inspire so many people.

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One trick to increase the effectiveness of affirmations is to look in the mirror while talking. After all, the beauty of affirmations is that you can easily create your own. Remember that affirmations are meant to help you overcome negative thought processes. For this reason, they should be positive, specific, to the point, and short. You have this!