Reasons Why You Should Bullet Journal + Tips and Tricks to Get Started

Bullet journaling is a recent craze that has piqued the curiosity of many teenagers, and for good reason. Although it may seem overwhelming at first to start a bullet journal and maintain it, it’s actually not that difficult at all. Often abbreviated as bujos, a bullet journal is a relatively simple way to track your health, sleep, customs, and more.

Since I started bullet journaling, I’ve become more aware of what I eat, how long I sleep, my habits, and more. If I’m particularly tired one day, I can look at my trackers and think, “oh, I only ate chips yesterday and didn’t go out!” That’s why I’m tired! Or, if you, like me, have health issues such as high blood pressure, a bujo can be a great way to stay on top of those issues.

Also, in the midst of a pandemic, we all seem to have a little more time at home; For me, bullet journaling has been one of the most effective strategies for fighting boredom.

What is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is equal parts planner, diary, and whatever else you choose to incorporate. Bullet journals help turn the chaos of your daily lifestyle into a streamlined system that helps you be more productive and organized. With sections for logging your daily tasks, monthly calendar, notes, long-term wishes, and more, your bullet journal is right for your life. Bullet journals are also extremely effective in helping you achieve your goals. By updating your bullet journal daily, you learn to get rid of things that distract you, how you can be your most productive self, and other things you didn’t know about yourself.

Why should you do a bullet journal?

Last June, a very good friend of mine had recently started bullet journaling and was encouraging me to do the same. Let me say this: the decision to start bullet journaling changed my life. I have never been more organized and productive than in the last 6 months since I started my bujo.

As teenagers, we are busy! Homework, extracurriculars, extracurricular jobs… we have a lot on our plates! Bullet journals can help you organize your life, track homework due dates, and keep track of just about anything!

Before I started bullet journaling, I was just trying to keep track of everything I needed to do in my head. In general, it wasn’t going well, but since I started my bujo, I’m very aware of everything and I feel so much more organized! In addition, the bujos are so pretty and relaxing to do! Need I say more?

What do you need to start?

For starters, pretty much the only essentials are a dotted journal, which you can get on Amazon for as little as $5, and some crayons. This is what you would need for a very basic bujo; most people’s kits include markers (highly recommend mildliners!), fine-tip black markers, stencils, and gel pens, among other things. All of these are relatively inexpensive and available in most places.

For inspiration for your bujo, some good sites are Pinterest or YouTube. Also, friends who bujo are always a great resource. And use the Internet! A simple Google search for “bujo mood trackers” will give you tons of inspiration for your mood tracker.

What should I follow?

Everyone tracks different things, but some of the most common trackers are health, sleep, workout, and habits. I also write down something I’m grateful for each night and jot down my mood, favorite songs and memories from each month, my skincare, goals and responsibilities for the month. Remember, your bujo is meant to meet your needs, so if an involved 3-page health tracker is what’s going to help, go for it. You can also track little things, like your favorite nail polish colors or your basketball team’s schedule. Other things to track include social media usage, meals, mental health, weather, vitamins, dental floss, caffeine intake, time you’ve spent studying, when things are due , how close you are to achieving goals, journaling, devotions, how much TV watched….the possibilities are endless.

You have this!

Bullet journals can be an amazing way to keep track of everything that’s going on, and they’re also a great creative outlet. However you choose the style of your bujo, remember that it all depends on what is going to help you. Everyone’s bujos are beautiful and unique. Now, get there!