A complete guide to dressing your best for guys

Fashion is just fun to play around with, and creating stylish outfits for men is no exception. A few simple tricks and overrides for lifted yet effortless looks can go a long way in looking confident and your best.

Let’s go to the basics

If you don’t know what to wear, it’s good to go for the basics – and even if you know what to wear, you can always play around with the basics. The general idea of ​​the basics would be a quality t-shirt, pants and sweaters and knitwear for the cold season.

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I’m starting this guide with the basics because that’s exactly what every closet should have and it’s the perfect place to start when building a closet. From there, once the basics are covered, other “fun” pieces can start to be added.

Start from the top

So where to start ? The highs are easy to start; an easy way to do this is to divide them into three categories of solid t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, and polo/button shirts.

Solid tees are pretty self-explanatory; a clean, unpatterned shirt is a smart addition to a wardrobe because it goes with just about anything. You can slip it on anytime and look effortlessly put together. They don’t have to be completely boring – they can have pockets, a slightly mottled texture, or even different necklines.

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Graphic tees are a bit more fun to explore; it’s just about any t-shirt that has a design on it, including patterns. If you’re not sure how to approach this area of ​​tops, my advice would be to look for t-shirts with your favorite band/musician-artist, a fun joke or pun that resonates with you, or has some cool artwork.

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Polo shirts and button-up shirts are good staples to have, especially if you often have more formal occasions on your calendar. Typically, these will be solid colors, but styles like loose long sleeves with 90s polo necks might have stripes and the like. For some, it may seem a bit strained or too professional, but they can actually elevate your outfit in creative ways.

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For example, you can throw on a button down flannel to go with jeans for fall or unbutton a button down to wear over a white t-shirt. (With that, you can opt for a patterned buttonhole to give contrast to the white t-shirt.) I mean, think of the possibilities!

On the bottoms

When it comes to pants, you can opt for the following types: jeans, corduroy, khakis, shorts, slacks or cute dress pants and sweatpants. If you’re an active, athletic person, sportswear is also a solid (and comfortable) choice, with some options for shorts and hoodies.

I don’t mean it’s necessarily a fashion rule, because fashion doesn’t really have any rules, but it has to be said: jeans are an absolute must. It is truly a universal fashion item that transcends time. You can never go wrong with jeans; although the types may vary, the item itself will never go out of style. My point being: say yes to denim.

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There’s definitely a wide range of denim styles out there – and if you’re trying to keep it minimal and classic, I’d recommend going for a jeans style or fit (while keeping it relaxed, for example). To not keep everything boring, you can have color variations to make the stockings more fun.

Other pant fabrics like corduroy or khaki may interest you if you are building a pant line. Corduroy is a textured fabric that has a raised cord and has a very distinct feel. Khaki is neutral colored pants that can be both casual and dressier.

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Slacks and dress pants are more formal, and it’s nice to have a pair or two if such events are frequent. (I would highly recommend investing in a quality pair for these; Everlane is an enduring brand with quality pieces that don’t break the bank.) The opposite would be sweatpants, which are great when you’re relaxed and that you prioritize. on comfort. (Atheltic brands such as Nike and Adidas are popular for this.)

On top of shorts, loose elastic waist shorts are a great choice, and walking shorts are also a great option.

For when it’s cold

I love cold weather fashion – it’s the perfect opportunity to layer, which creates beautiful dimensions for an outfit. I like to divide cooler fashion into three categories: sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets.

Knitwear is mostly comprised of sweaters and sweater vests, and this category, in particular, has seen a huge increase recently with the Y2K trend. Sweaters are the perfect item for wearing cool patterns and textures, which pair beautifully with solid color pants. Sweater vests are also perfect for layering over a white t-shirt and are also available in a variety of styles.

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The jackets are pretty simple too; I would definitely say it’s nice to keep things easy with a zip style or with pockets. Effective and effortless, jackets are a great item to layer over your other clothes. (For example, a solid color t-shirt + flannel + jacket combination. Easy and done!) You can even go for denim jackets – my only advice is you can’t go wrong with a vintage-inspired style .

Don’t forget your accessories

Accessories certainly cannot be overlooked – they are simply essential to make an outfit truly complete! Think of items like rings, necklaces, hats, etc.

For rings, my advice would be to go with the classic metallic hues like gold and silver. Simple bands can enhance any outfit – remember, less is more! If you want more decorative accents, embellished rings can also look cool.

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Necklaces can range from simple chains to strands with a charm. Anything can be good here, whether it’s a timeless lucky charm or unique beads, anything can look good, as long as it matches the overall aesthetic of the look.

Hats come in a wide variety of styles, such as bucket hats, fedoras, beanies, classic baseball caps, cowboy hats and more.

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When choosing the right kind of hat, just like with necklaces, just make sure it matches the overall style. (For example, I wouldn’t recommend a beanie with formal attire.)

How to play with color

The color scheme is what really makes an outfit complete. When deciding which colors to wear and pair with each other, think about a color wheel. For example, complementary colors or similar shades go well together. See below for inspirations:

  • brown and cream (the dark green here also looks nice)
  • navy and dark red
  • white, black or gray with any color
  • pastel tones grouped together

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These are just a few examples of how to play with color – there are so many other combinations you can try.

Tips and Tricks

If you asked me what my number one fashion recommendation would be, I would definitely tell you to download Pinterest. The best app ever for finding inspiration and organizing visuals, Pinterest is full of images and ideas for what your next outfit could be.

Thrifting is also a great resource for finding gems. There are physical stores, but it can also be done from the comfort of your own home with apps like Depop, Mercari, etc. The best thing about saving is that it’s pre-loved, better for the planet, and might even be one of a kind.

As mentioned before, fashion doesn’t really have any rules, so be sure to have fun with it! The possibilities are endless, and do what makes you feel confident and good!

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