Combination skin: what it is and how to treat it

Mixed skin

Good morning! This week is my fifth and final week discussing different skin types! I left Combination skin type until the end because that means you have two or more of the four skin types I’ve already talked about in different sections of your face. For example, you may have a dry forehead and cheeks and an oily chin/jaw. Today I’m going to tell you why this can happen to you and how you can try to get your skin under control.

Why do I have combination skin type?

In short, everyone’s skin is different and we all have different needs to combat our personal problems. You can have dry skin but suffer from hormonal breakouts or you can have oily skin and sensitive cheeks, there’s not always a reason. But a combination skin type is usually an indication that there is a imbalance somewhere in the skin. Someone with combination skin needs to tailor their skincare routine for different skin types, which can be tricky for many people.

How do I treat my combination skin type?

  • Clean the face twice a day to remove any dirt, makeup or debris from the face. A foaming cleanser can be nice for combination skin.
  • Use a FPS Daily! If you suffer from congestion/spots on any area of ​​your face, try using an SPF specifically for oily skin, even if you have dry patches elsewhere.
  • Use a light moisturizer all over your face and if you want extra hydration in certain areas, you can achieve this by using a richer moisturizer in those areas or a serum tailored to those needs.
  • Avoid skin-aggravating ingredients at all costs like alcohol, perfume etc.
  • Use a non-abrasive exfoliator as it won’t aggravate issues like dryness or sensitivity, but will still help with oiliness.
  • Multi-masking can also be a great way to tackle combination skin. Once a week, apply a suitable mask to each area of ​​your face, for example you can use a mud mask on oily areas, a moisturizing/nourishing mask on dry/sensitive areas or a glow mask on normal areas.
  • Socket daily supplements such as skin omegas, vitamin A, vitamin C, etc. can be extremely beneficial for combination skin. It’s so important to treat the skin inside and out, no matter what type of skin you have.

What ingredients will benefit my combination skin type?

  • Anti-oxidants – These are essential in all skincare routines and are beneficial for all skin types, so they are a must for combination skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid – This is another must as it is equally beneficial for all skin types as it helps moisturize the skin. Hydration is important for all skin types.
  • Lactic acid – This helps to slough off dead skin cells and start the skin renewal process, but is milder than glycolic acid so is suitable for more sensitive skin. It is also found naturally in our bodies, so it is less likely to cause a skin reaction.
  • Vitamin A – This is the key to ALL healthy skincare regimens. It is beneficial for all skin types and has a list of skin benefits. However, you cannot use/take it if you are pregnant.
  • Vitamin E – It is a natural anti-oxidant and helps moisturize the skin.

If you use this article in conjunction with my other articles, you should have a better understanding of how to properly treat the different skin types you may have. Combination skin can sometimes be more difficult to manage rather than just having dry or oily skin, so if you are unsure always consult a professional for advice on products and supplements. I hope you’ve gained some useful knowledge over the past 6 weeks of my skincare blogs and as always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’ll be back next week, with what subject again I don’t know, but I’ll be there all the same.