Gather energy, start running!

It’s time to make sport an indispensable part of our lives, no more procrastination! So which is the cheapest and easiest? Of course running in this beautiful weather 🙂

You must include sport in your life not only to eliminate the excesses you see in the mirror from the chocolates and snacks you eat in winter, but to stay really healthy and vigorous. Yes, you are very beautiful at the moment, whatever you eat, you may not be gaining weight and you are energetic. But there is no guarantee that it will carry these features for years. If you want to always look beautiful year after year, you don’t need expensive creams or wacky gimmicks to achieve this. Regular exercise is the solution to everything. In addition, it is not necessary to go to fitness centers to play sports. The cheapest and easiest sport in the world: running! We have the impression of hearing him say: “Where, with whom, how am I going to do it”. So let’s meet the Rebel Runners!

Have you seen the movie “Forrest Gump” starring Tom Hanks? The life of Forrest, who couldn’t even walk properly because of the wires in his feet, began one day when he ran fast and broke the wires in his leg, and was filled with incredible success. Forrest, who was an athlete, received awards, was recognized around the world and amazed everyone with his creativity, encouraged many people to run at that time. The “Run Forrest Run” line in the movie has been used in many TV series and movies, and the movie has created its own fan base. Even though the idea of ​​running with inspiration sounded good, I had a lot of question marks just like you. First of all, I was like, “What should I do to avoid injury, what routes are the safest to walk, is there a system for this job, how can I run marathons at the ‘coming ?” I came across Rebel Runners on the recommendation of a friend. Burak?? and history?? established. No one in the group is professionally involved in this business and they do their own work during the day. They meet at a place they have determined at least 3 days a week and travel different routes. They’re not professionals, but they’re so dedicated to the job that they now run marathons and know even the smallest details 🙂 They train newcomers, warm them up and teach them everything they need to know. Also, you won’t get bored and have no security issues as you run with a large community. “Our only goal is to inculcate running,” Öykü said, while guiding the girls and guiding them every which way, Burak teaches them about health. The age range of the group starts from 17 years old. From time to time they cooperate with brands and organize events. You can join the Rebel Runners group on Facebook and register for free.

Very useful
• In addition to keeping you in shape, it also helps you strengthen your muscle structure.
• It also prepares you for other sports and increases your immunity. It helps you increase your body resistance while running even in cold weather.
• It costs nothing and you can do it whenever you want 🙂
• Since you are alone with yourself while running, you meditate and relax.
• Helps you overcome stress, depression and anxiety disorders.
• A sport that you can practice individually. However, when you run with the group, your social circle expands and you don’t get bored. After a while it’s like meeting your friends for you 🙂
• Running will not only destroy excess weight, but also help you gain weight if you watch what you eat after training if you complain about your weakness.
• Since you sweat while running, your pores will open and your skin will be healthier.