The booming sport

Want to exercise but don’t know what to do? Maybe popular sports in recent times will help you choose.


The sport that gamers love the most is undoubtedly esports. “Will video games be sports?” do not think. There are even special tournaments for these electronically played games. It has caught the attention of many people, especially in times of pandemic. It’s a pleasure to play and watch.


Pilates has been part of our lives for a long time. However, with the pandemic, its popularity has increased even further. As our movements were limited compared to previous years, we turned to home sports to maintain our form. We ordered many tools such as the Pilates ball and the elastic band online. Some of us tried for a while and gave up, some of us still keep going.

mind yoga

The number of practitioners of yoga like Pilates has also increased in recent years. However, it is the yoga of the mind that has come to the fore in this process. The pandemic has affected many of us psychologically. From time to time, this uncertainty made us feel like we were drowning. Mind Yoga is the best solution to regulate both our psychology and our daily life. In this way, we moved away from negative thoughts and started to approach things in a more positive way. If you still haven’t been able to follow this process, we recommend you meet the yoga of the mind.


After the “Queen’s Gambit” series, interest in chess increased. Although chess may seem complicated to those who don’t know, it’s actually not that hard to fear. Moreover, you can even learn on your own. Even if you don’t have chess pieces, there are plenty of websites where you can play online.

outdoor sports

During the last year, we have wanted to go abroad. Even if we go outside to get some fresh air, we can’t move around as comfortably as before because of the fear of catching a virus. However, outdoor sports started to climb to the top during this period. Especially trekking was the most important of them. Going for walks in nature keeps people physically and psychologically vigorous. In summer, surfing and paragliding attract attention.