Small New Year’s resolutions that will have a huge impact

Do you find that you often create huge, unattainable New Year’s resolutions that are never realized? Well, you are not alone. Many people set big goals in hopes of changing their lives, but end up forgetting about them after a few weeks. Small goals often have a bigger impact because they can feel less overwhelming and easier to achieve on a day-to-day basis. Here are forty small daily changes you can make in your life that will ultimately have a much bigger impact than generic goals.

1. Be more in tune with your moods

2. Create a jar of good things that happened

3. Text people right away

4. Become consistent with skin/hair care

5. Buy more sustainably

6. Send handwritten letters

7. Practice the one-touch rule

8. Call people more

9. Be more consistent with bedtimes

10. Find a new hobby

11. Pomodoro studies

12. Eat Slower

13. Learn to make your favorite drinks

14. Plan your outfits

15. Make a new friend

16. More volunteering

17. Go for a walk twice a week.

18. Wear sunscreen

19. Create a Reading Goal

20. Start Habit Tracking

21. Try cooking something new every week.

22. Organize a different thing every week (closet, backpack etc.)

23. Consider getting therapy or joining a support group

24. Read books of different genres to broaden your horizons

25. Listen to more podcasts

26. Learn about your family history

27. Drink more water

28. Focus on one thing at a time, not multitasking

29. Make your bed every morning

30. Compliment people more

31. Stay more up to date with news

32. Stop chatting

33. Stretch or practice mindfulness

34. Try to do everything on your to-do list

34. Listen to people more

35. Support small businesses

36. Listen to new artists or songs

37. Meal prep at the start of the week

38. Text a different friend a day

39. Improve your memory/concentration

40. Save more money

Try to tailor your New Year’s resolutions to specific things you want to improve in your life. It doesn’t matter if you stray slightly throughout the year or forget your goal, you can change your habits at any time! This year, focus on creating a happier, more fulfilling life. Happy new year!