What sport are you?

There’s no way an adventurer who can’t keep still and a chick too lazy to even move, end up in the same gym! Find the sport best suited to your character and discover the sport you will practice without getting bored!

woman who hates calories

Even when you put on a few pounds, you feel unhappy and stop eating or drinking. You two step on a scale and see if you’ve lost any grams. You eat so little that your mother worries that you don’t like the food she cooks. He is so upset by this situation that he knocks on your door every five minutes and comes to your room with a piece of fruit or a plate in his hand. In fact, it’s normal for you to gain and lose 1-2 pounds from time to time, this situation doesn’t need to scare you so much. Yet you say to yourself: “I will always stay in shape, I will destroy all the calories in front of me”…

Suggest Sports: Gymnastics

Your ideal sport is definitely gymnastics! You ask why? Because by doing regular gymnastics, you will both get rid of excess calories and correct and improve your body structure. There is certainly a sports center near you and the trainer there can give you information on the movements you need to do and for how long. In this way, by doing movements according to your weight and your body structure, you can have a fit body in the right way.

stress lady

What is this voltage? Your mother, your friends and everyone around you tell you to be a little calmer. You can’t control yourself, you get nervous even before an exam that you can pass easily. The stress you feel causes contractions and pains in your body. Remember, if you can’t avoid this stress, you could soon face bigger problems!

Suggest a sport: Yoga

We prescribe yoga! You know, yoga is a sport that stretches the body, relaxes the soul and brings peace to the body. It harmonizes your body with your soul. It changes your perspective on situations that worry you, increase your stress levels and make you unhappy, and it allows you to become a more peaceful person. You will both feel more energized and learn to use your energy properly. So you can do what you need to do efficiently and prevent them from becoming a burden on you. What an idea anyway 🙂

lazy lady

You seriously need a crane to get you out of bed🙂 You snooze the alarm at least 10 times in the morning, thwart your mom’s efforts to wake you up, and you’re late for school almost every day. You love to sleep so much and you’re so lazy to move that you’ve only been seen going out for recess five times in the history of the school. As if sitting in school all day isn’t enough, all you do when you get home is sit in front of msn and chat. Even when you are thirsty, you call your mother, you are too lazy to go to dinner even if your mother does not call. It is absolutely necessary to tidy up this situation and to make a small reform in you!

Suggest Sports: Walking

Don’t say, “Is walking also a sport?” It’s so important to walk… There’s no reason you shouldn’t be in good shape when you walk beyond a certain speed and duration. Moreover, you can organize your friends for weekend walks, to avoid the risk of giving up on the walk. Don’t give up saying you’re tired after walking a few steps just because you don’t have a fitness tracker. Because it is important for your health to discipline your body. Plus, you don’t have to slow down while chatting with your friends while you walk, and you don’t have to rush to the mess! Go ahead girls 🙂


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