smart choice

If you want to take more advantage of 3G technology and are thinking of renewing your mobile phone, be sure to take a look at the new model from LG Electronics, the LG GU285.

With this phone, which has an elegant design and different color alternatives, you can make video calls and transfer data at high speed. Here are the features…

* LG’s brand new mobile phone, LG GU285, meets consumers’ mobile communication needs with its sleek design, video call function, high data transfer rate and enhanced multimedia content.

* The LG GU285 makes life easier for its users with its technological features such as VGA camera, Internet, mobile email, Bluetooth and micro USB port, while adding entertainment to their life with its MP3 player and its FM radio functionality.

* The “Smart Note System” function of the new LG GU285 eliminates complex menu options to access notes. The Smart Note system is constantly on the main screen, like the poster, in order to easily access the notes you want.

* Supporting expandable micro SD memory card up to 16GB, LG GU285 offers its users the fun of talking face to face with friends and family through its “Video Call” feature.