Time for the “Wii Party”

The Wii is getting ready to bring you a brand new party game that anyone can easily join in on.

Wii Party, which will be released on October 8, 2010, offers more than 80 mini-games. All you need to join the game is a Wii Remote. Players can also integrate their own Mii characters into the game in ways they’ve never seen before. The game, which will change the traditional understanding of video gaming with 13 different game modes, seems to be indispensable for all parties. You are looking for the Wii Remote hidden in the room of the game “Hide and Hunt” in House Party mode. The remote makes occasional sounds to indicate its location. In the game “Time Bomb”, you try to pass a Wii Remote from one hand to the other without shaking it. Wii Party also has games for couples and board game modes.

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