The 14 stages of quarantine you’ve probably been through

Over the past month, the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on our social and academic lives. When we said 2020 would be a “movie,” it was never specified what type of movie. Each week, I observed that my routine and attitude changed while staying home for so long, which is why I call these changes the fourteen stages of quarantine.

Stage 1: Excitement

About a month ago, when my school ordered everyone to stay home, my classmates and I were excited to spend our days in the comfort of our beds. We honestly thought it would be an “extended spring break”. We didn’t know we had to take online classes and the homework load would only increase.

Stage 2: Senior Sadness

Although I am not a senior in high school, I am sure that many seniors have experienced the sadness of the cancellation of all events. They probably had the occasional meltdown knowing they wouldn’t be able to experience their long-awaited prom, senior prank, and high school graduation.

Step 3: Walking

After doing my homework for the day, my mother was going for a walk in our neighborhood, so I decided to join her because there wasn’t much to do. I noticed that people were actually out in nature for the first time. It added to my daily routine and was fun at first but eventually got repetitive.

Step 4: New hobbies

Whether it’s baking, art, sports, Tik Tok, or working out, it’s fair to say that we’ve all picked up a new hobby or past. For me personally, I tried to incorporate an abs workout into my daily routine, but I couldn’t stick with it. I also decided to start a blog and write more, which helped keep me busy.

Step 5: Try a new look

It’s gotten to this point in quarantine where we want to change it. We don’t have much else to do so we impulsively dye our hair pink or cut our bangs. It might not be the best, so make sure you think carefully before taking the plunge!

Step 6: The Screen

We’re well into our 40s and have nothing left to do, so we take to the screen. It could mean that you have been watching Netflix, YouTube or Tik Tok excessively and have officially lost it. You have nothing else to watch, so you move on to step seven.

Step 7: The Tik Tok phase

Along with step six, you’re not only watching Tik Toks, but making them yourself. You’ve probably mastered every dance or trend by this point and have been scrolling the page endlessly for yourself, trying to entertain yourself. Not only did you create Tik Toks, but you tried to get famous and you followed all the Hype House dramas.

Step 8: Eat constantly

Personally, step 8 has been part of my entire quarantine experience so far. You’ve probably eaten all of your parents’ snacks and now your pantry is empty. You constantly complain about your hunger and the fact that there is nothing good to eat in the refrigerator.

Step 9: Down on the toilet paper

You’re probably about to run out of toilet paper or paper towels and need to make the occasional trip to Costco to stock up before it’s too late. Your parents have told you a thousand times to stop getting rolled up so fast, but you ignore them like the whole world isn’t in the middle of a pandemic.

Stage 10: The boring or bored phase

Go deeper into our 40s, and we’ve all reached our limits with our families. You have been bored or annoyed your parents or siblings since you can’t hang out with your best friends. I know I was annoyed by my parents constantly asking me to get out of bed and “go for a walk in nature,” which is really just my garden.

Step 11: Random Drives

I was supposed to get my license over spring break, but unfortunately due to corona all DMVs are closed, so my mom and I took random trips on the freeway and through our town. We drive to see the sunset and listen to music, and honestly it was a great bonding experience, so I would highly recommend the random rides!

Step 12. Get your tan

Since we can’t go on our spring break to a sunny destination, my friends and I tanned in our backyards for hours. I’ve seen a lot of people on the internet doing the same thing, but it can be tricky if you live somewhere colder. I live in California so it’s sunny most days and tanning is a great way to pass the time and get a tan.

Step 13: Online shopping

With so much free time, I scrolled through the shops on Instagram and saved the clothes I want to buy but can’t at the moment due to corona. I’m sure many of those who enjoy shopping in the mall have turned to online shopping and found it exciting. I sat up in bed, under cozy blankets for hours, just checking items into my shopping cart. Remember not to use your credit card to the maximum!

Step 14: Sleepless Nights

Finally, we have reached the current stage, that of sleepless nights. At this point in your quarantine, you’ve had times when you haven’t slept and have been up until 5 a.m. and slept until 3 p.m. Either you played all night or you couldn’t sleep from boredom. I’m sure you’re exhausted and have given up hope, but don’t worry, summer is just around the corner!