You germ!

Germs are everywhere, even if you can’t see them… That’s why you need to take precautions and not encounter dangerous situations!

At the gym

Where is it happening?

  • in the locker room
  • in the showers
  • on the benches
  • in sports equipment
  • On yoga mats
  • in the toilets
  • in the towels

Protect yourself

Wear slippers: Microbes love warm, humid environments. That’s why you should wear slippers to avoid getting infected. Otherwise, problems such as fungus, itching and warts may occur on your feet and body. Don’t take your slippers off, even when you’re in the shower.

Sitting on benches: If you sit on the benches in the locker rooms without clothes, you will infect yourself with bacteria that cause skin infections. So even if you don’t have any clothes, be sure to sit on the towel.

Put a towel over the tools: While playing sports, clothes protect you from many germs, but the towels you use while biking and yoga will protect you even more from germs. Because organisms remaining on the surface of sports equipment are long-lived and can easily infect the skin. In the same way, you can put a towel on the yoga mats on which you do yoga, pilates, especially where you lay your head.

Take a shower: Showering after exercise will cleanse you of bacteria and viruses. You should also keep your hands away from your eyes, mouth, nose, and genitals before washing them with warm water and soap. Because germs can easily enter these parts of our body and cause illnesses such as hepatitis A (infectious jaundice).

at the hairdresser

Where is it happening?

  • In manicure-pedicure tools
  • In manicure-pedicure containers

Bring your own tools: How about bringing your own manicure-pedicure kits? In some centres, people who do manicures want to use their own products. In these cases, you can ask them to pay for a product that will be yours of the brand they use.

Sterilized?Metal tools must be disinfected or sterilized in a sterilizer. You should also make sure that the beauty salon/hairdresser you go to has these tools. You should also learn how to clean the pedicure shoe. Because some beauty salons do not just pour the water into the container and take care of the disinfection!

in the toilets

Where is it happening?

  • In the toilet !
  • At the on/off point of the tap
  • On the toilet door handle
  • Shared towels

Put toilet paper or a preservative on the toilet bowl: This method does not create a completely protective barrier, but prevents further bacterial contamination.

Rinse and run: When you flush the toilet, the virus and bacteria in the toilet will disperse, so flush the toilet and run.

Wash your hands well: If you don’t wash your hands after using the bathroom, the germs you catch can contaminate the food you eat, causing intestinal infections such as diarrhea with fever.

in the restaurant

Where is it happening?

  • Meals waiting for hours at the open buffet
  • in chicken meat
  • in the egg
  • In cream products
  • Mussels and similar seafood
  • On poorly washed vegetables

Choose your buffet carefully: If you choose from the open buffet dishes, you should check whether the small containers in which the dishes are placed are constantly replenished. You should also use your preferences for containers with closed lids. Bacteria and similar bacterial toxins that often cause intestinal infections are mainly found in meat and dairy products, vegetables and fruits that are eaten raw without washing them properly. Chicken meat, eggs, mayonnaise made from raw eggs, cream, mussels, and similar seafood also pose a risk if not thoroughly cooked.

Wash your hands: You should wash your hands thoroughly before and after each meal, especially if you have touched coins. It is also essential to always have wet wipes or cleaning gels in your bag and to use them when you cannot find the water-soap couple.

By the pool and by the sea

Where is it happening?

  • In the pool itself!
  • In a wet bathing suit
  • In wet areas outside the pool
  • in the showers
  • in the toilets
  • In armchairs and deckchairs

Make sure it’s clean: You must ensure that the pool you go to and the sea you enter are clean. Otherwise, you could get a UTI. Also, don’t sit on the lounger without a cover.

Don’t stop in a wet bathing suit: After swimming in the pool or the sea, you should immediately change your wet swimsuit and keep your genitals dry. Or you could have vaginal yeast infections!

Use earplugs or beanies: Inflammation of the outer ear can occur if the outer ear canal is wetter than normal and exposed to moisture. In addition, bacteria in polluted water can enter the ear canal and cause infection. For this reason, you should absolutely use earplugs when swimming and consult a specialist as soon as you feel an earache.

Take your own towel: You can get free towels at some gyms and hotels. But don’t do that and always use your own towel.