15 books to add to your summer reading list

Summer: A completely empty stretch of time, stretching into the foreseeable future. Perfect for getting around and doing a million things you’ve always dreamed of, especially reading. To that end, here are 15 books that might help you decide what to read this summer, including the latest and greatest of 2020, timeless literary classics, and the popular genre of young adult fiction. Whatever you are looking for, we can help.

New releases:

1) The glass hotel

The fifth novel by Emily St John Mandel, The Glass Hotel follows the difficult life and struggles of Paul, a lonely student in Toronto, whose life begins to turn sour after an incident at a nightclub. The story goes on to expose the twisting and overlapping strands of an international Ponzi scheme, and Paul’s involvement in it. Labeled one of the best releases of 2020, Mandel’s novel blends the supernatural with a modernist financial thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Where can I find it? Waterstones, eBay, Amazon.

2) The death of Vivek Oji

This transcendent tale comes from Akwaeke Emezi, cementing their reputation as a leading voice in YA fiction. It flashes back from the point of Vivek Oji’s morbid and grim death, exploring his life and the mysterious and suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. Released in August 2020, this novel is a roller coaster ride through the grief of a Nigerian family, while touching on larger and more subtle topics.

Where can I find it? Amazon, A good read, Ebay.

3) The elect

More than 7 years after her last book, Allegiant, Veronica Roth has published another compelling and groundbreaking work of literature. His novel Chosen Ones explores the well-known trope: children, gifted with incredible powers, prophesied to save the world. Simultaneously, it provides us with the answer to the question; what happens afterwards? By following the lives of five former heroes, Chosen Ones allows us to view the world as complicated and harmful, exposing the trauma these children have endured. An innovative and exciting idea, this novel is a must-read for all fans of YA fiction.

Where can I find it? Forbidden Planet, Waterstones, Amazon.

4) Just like you

Written by beloved author Nick Hornby, this novel follows the life of middle-aged Lucy as she realizes that the young babysitter she has hired to babysit might be all she needs. she was looking for. If you want something light, uplifting, and simultaneously full of wisdom, this is the book for you. Her warm and entertaining tone teaches us what happens when the person we want the most is someone we didn’t expect.

Where can I find it? Waterstones, Blackwell’s, Amazon.

5) These women

Highly rated and recommended, this novel by Ivy Pochoda tells a classic serial crime story, but from a whole new perspective, following the consequences rather than the action. The story follows five very different women as their lives become entangled with one man and his obsessions. Groundbreaking in its perspective as well as its tone and pace, it’s the perfect book to read if you’re looking for a summer of thrills and suspense.

Where can I find it? Ebay, Harper Collins Publishers, Amazon.


1) Pride and prejudice

If this summer you’re looking for a timeless love story filled with intrigue and mystery, look no further. Jane Austen’s literary masterpiece follows the life of the Bennet family and their many mistakes on the way to happiness. Starring the dark and brooding Mr Darcy and the classic cynical heroine, Elizabeth, this novel tells a story as old as time and is the perfect read for an alternative, sophisticated summer.

Where can I find it? WH Smith, Amazon, Blackwell’s.

2) Fahrenheit 451

This Ray Bradbury novel is a shorter read, but that doesn’t mean levity in any way. Narrated by the confused and curious Guy Montag, the story revolves around a nightmarish dystopian future, playing with themes of knowledge and its erasure. It’s poetic and timeless, yet still relevant to our current society, which means it’s still worth reading.

Where can I find it? An excellent read, Waterstones, Amazon.

3) Rebecca

This novel is for people who prefer mystery and uncertainty to romance or dystopia. Arguably Daphne Du Maurier’s best-known and most influential book, the story is told from the perspective of an unassuming young girl, who comes to live in Manderley, her new husband’s beautifully enchanting mansion, and finds soon the almost-literal spirit of his deceased ex-wife haunting her with every move. Known far and wide as having one of the best openings in literature and for the skill with which Du Maurier creates an atmosphere of tension and unease, this is the perfect read.

Where can I find it? Waterstones, Amazon, WH Smith.

4) The Great Gatsby

This particular classic figures prominently in American literature, thanks to its poetic allusions to the elusive American Dream and its ethereal tone. F. Scott Fitzgerald skillfully tells the story of Nick, a naive and ambitious young man, who comes to New York and mingles in the life of his neighbour, the tall and mysterious Mr Gatsby. Irresistibly drawn to Gatsby’s crazy life of parties and high-speed car rides, Nick discovers more and more, including Gatsby’s dangerous and incredibly desperate love for Daisy, his childhood sweetheart, and the efforts what he will do to get her back.

Where can I find it? Blackwell’s, WHSmith, Postscript Books.

5) Little Women

Louisa May Alcott’s most famous and beloved masterpiece, Little Women is a warm, nostalgic novel that seems to dilute the essence of youth and sisterhood. Following the life of the March family, this book tackles heavy themes like loss, grief and the sadness of growing up. A great read, it will leave you crying for days and coming back for more.

Where can I find it? Amazon, Wordery, WH Smith.

Well-known YA novels:

1) All all

It’s a classic, timeless love story, but with a modern twist. Nicola Yoon is a breathtaking new voice, structuring her novel into creative and fun sections, which convey more than anything realism and normality. The story follows Maddy, a teenage girl who has spent every second of her life indoors, due to an incredibly rare condition that leaves her extremely fragile and helpless. When she falls in love with Olly, the new boy next door, Maddy must choose between surviving and living. Moving, exciting and above all romantic, it is a perfect read for the long summer days.

Where can I find it? Blackwell, Amazon, WH Smith.

2) Six of Crows

If, instead of a love story, you are looking for an adventure-based children’s novel, this is the book for you. Leigh Bardugo’s excellent skill with words is apparent: the novel is warm, filled with feeling and tension, and displays a host of incredible characters and twists. Somewhere between a classic fantasy and a heist novel, the story follows a team of unlikely misfits, all from different backgrounds, who come together to rob an incredibly secure prison fortress and learn to love each other along the way. Perfect for keeping you on the edge of your seat, it’s the first of two books, meaning you won’t have to stop once it’s finished.

Where can I find it? Blackwell’s, Amazon, Waterstones.

3) Eleanor and Park

Summer is the perfect time to read light romance novels on the beach, and this is the perfect book for that. Rainbow Rowell, award-winning author of Fangirl and Carry on, imbues her writing with fun, breezy teenage relatability, while tackling important themes like abuse and loss. The story follows the budding romance of Eleanor and Park, unlikely lovers, and the obstacles they encounter.

Where can I find it? Blackwell’s, Amazon, Waterstones.

4) An Abundance of Katherines

John Green is arguably one of the most well-known and beloved authors of YA fiction, due to his slow-paced romances, always tinged with tragedy. This warm and sweet novel is no exception, and yet considerably lighter than the rest, making it the perfect, tearless addition to your summer list. The story centers on Colin, an adult child prodigy who has only dated Katherines, and tries to find a formula to avoid breaking his heart.

Where can I find it? Ebay, Waterstones, Lowplex Books.

5) All bright places

This novel is much sadder than the others, but if you’re looking for a moving book that will change your life and stick in your mind for days, this is the perfect book. Jennifer Niven tells the story of Finch and Violet, two very troubled teenagers, both hiding their past traumas, who reunite and learn what it really means to live life and love someone more than life itself.

Where can I find it? Blackwell’s, Amazon, Waterstones.