What to do if you have a crush on your study partner

Have you ever had a crush on someone who was your study partner? How can you change the topic of conversation from studying to more casual topics? Do not worry anymore ! I have been out of the same dilemma since the first day of school last year and am happy to help you overcome it. Not everyone will have the same experiences, but I will provide the basics for everyone.

Below is the promised step-by-step guide on what to do if you have a crush on your study partner.

1. Tell them about school work in general

Have you ever felt a fleeting form of attraction when you spot someone you find more interesting than others? Whether you first met them in the eye in a classroom or spotted each other in study hall, you’re very sure that you both have similar duties or have strengths that you can lend with their homework.

When you have free time during class, probably doing an assignment due the next day or a group project, you can take that time to get to know them. Start by asking them for their name and their opinions about the class and/or assignment. This is the easiest way to start a conversation as it can lead to related topics such as what you prefer to do instead of sitting in a classroom, which class you like the most and least, or if you’re lucky, plan to socialize in the future, which could possibly include exchanging phone and social media numbers.

I was very shy when I met my crush during my first period class. Everyone was friends with each other as I was awkwardly sitting alone at a table when this very handsome guy noticed my dilemma. He then called me and invited me to sit next to him. I was very grateful for the gesture and even more grateful when I found out we were having another class together. From there we shared our feelings about those two classes and homework and I then got up the courage to ask if we could swap phone numbers at the end of the week.

2. Stay in touch

If you’ve managed to find ways to contact your crush, you’re free to message them whenever you want. Just be careful not to text them too much or you’ll scare them off. The best way to do this is to talk to them about the best time to contact them and how often you should contact them.

An example of this is when I used to message my crush about the questions I have regarding homework due, which is also a way to indirectly trick your crush into having your permission to let him text you about any concerns he has with the mission as well. Gradually, you may also feel the need to share your personal experiences with them, especially with the stress that school and life in general place on you, and they may have these issues as well. Check to see if they are ok with you expressing how you feel now and if you receive the ‘ok’, type in your thoughts.

But again, I repeat: don’t text them too much. For now at least.

3. Keep up your routine

Being friends with your crush is a plus because over time you may learn more about him, and you may also end up hanging out with him during lunch time or after school, which was the case for me by the time that three months have passed since the day we met.

Remember that you still have your own academic and extracurricular routines to deal with in addition to the crushing dilemma. Continue to focus on your classes, your friendships, and everything you built in your high school life. Having a crush is just one aspect because you don’t need to spend most of your time trying to chase it away.

The hobbies I had took time, but I didn’t give them up just because I had a crush on him. Homework and projects were enough to keep me busy, not to mention that my friends were also the key to helping me pass the time, which they have long been. I still thought of him here and there, but I made sure he wasn’t eating away at my mind.

4. Break the news

There will come a time when you can’t stop thinking about your crush almost every minute. It’s your intuition telling you that you need to tell them about your feelings quickly, because it’s better for them to know directly than to assume they already know your feelings for them, not to mention that can also lead to a miscommunication with one another, usually when you misread each other’s body language.

It depends on the type of person you fall for when it comes to the method of finally telling them. My crush was kind of like me, usually quiet but talkative once he’s around people he’s comfortable with, not to mention he’s very studious. Knowing my weakness to stutter a lot, I told her through a four-page letter I gave her before her next period started. Although I was rejected because he was not ready for a relationship, I was happy to finally get my point across and to know how he felt about me in return, which according to his words, that he didn’t have the same feelings as me.

The following

Whether you scored a date with your study partner turned crush or not, there are valuable lessons to be learned from that experience. Try your luck while you can, because you don’t know what her love life will look like in weeks or months, nor yours.

If you have finally met your crush, I congratulate you because you will celebrate many milestones ahead. If not, there are still other people you could get to know and hang out with. You have a lifetime to find the love of your life, and no matter what, I always cheer you on.